Body hears proposal to move College St. house to Pearl St.

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By Kathryn Schiliro

Managing Editor

Madison’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has been approached by IV Henry and Leon Peters about repurposing the house at 787 College Street, Madison, near the water tower, City Planning Director Monica Callahan told the body at their meeting last Thursday, June 20.

An asbestos survey report and quote to remove asbestos-laden materials from the property was prepared for the DDA by Norcross-based Peachtree Environmental. For $8,500-plus Peachtree Environment would remove and dispose of the transite siding – $3,100-plus of the total – and wall board and joint compound – almost $5,000 of the total.

Henry and Peters are interested in relocating the house to an available lot on Pearl Street, if the city will pay the $8,500-plus to deal with removal of the asbestos. This will reduce the cost to the city as, if the house was demolished, the city would have to foot the bill for it being demolished, removed and sent to the landfill, and the site cleaned up, a total of around $15,000.

“They get the house free and clear, and clean up the lot,” Callahan told the DDA. “The Canaan area (the neighborhood where Pearl Street is located) would gain a house and there’s one less in the landfill.”

Before this happens, Callahan agreed to check on the asbestos estimate, as the asbestos removal quote a nearby house built at the same time for the same family came to about $3,500, and to take the proposal to the city’s Historic Preservation Commission for comment.


Move College Street house to Pearl Street

City pays $8,500-plus to get rid of asbestos

Henry and Peters fund the house’s relocation and site clean-up

If city demolished house, cost could be around $15,000

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