Elderly Bostwick man beaten and left: 70-year-old victim recovering in Athens hospital

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By Patrick Yost


Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigators have identified suspects in a brutal attack that left a 70-year-old Bostwick man lying in a pool of blood.

Thomas Gary Etris was found by a business partner on the floor of the carport at his Bostwick Highway home last Sunday at approximately 5 p.m.

According to reports, Etris had been badly beaten and was unresponsive when authorities arrived. He was transported to Athens Regional Medical Center, said Capt. Chris Bish and is recovering from injuries that include a fractured eye socket and lacerations to the head. Reports state that Etris’ eye glasses had been broken in the attack. A tooth was also found on the carport floor.

Bish said Etris was well-known in the area for helping people with work.

“It appears that individuals that he may have helped came bak to take things they didn’t deserve,” Bish said. “We do have people we are looking for.”

Bish said Etris was in “good condition” at Athens Regional and that investigators had been in contact with him searching for leads in the attack. “He gave us a good description of the individuals,” Bish said.

He said the sheriff’s office had dedicated eight officers to around-the-clock investigation into the brutal attack.

Nothing was taken from the residence, Bish said, but “It appears to be an aborted or interrupted robbery attempt.”

Bish said the criminal investigations division had identified suspects and are “in the process of locating them…”

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