Morgan Memorial Hospital losing CFO Courtney Moore

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Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore

By Stephanie Johns

Staff Writer

Courtney Moore, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH), has accepted the position of Vice President of Taylor Health Care Group, which encompasses Taylor Regional Hospital in Hawkinsville and Bleckley Memorial Hospital in Cochran. She also will serve as administrator of Bleckley Memorial Hospital.

She shared via email some of her thoughts about her time at MMH as well as her feelings about what this change means to her.

“I would like to thank the Hospital Authority Board, the hospital staff and the County Commissioners for putting their faith and trust in me,” she wrote. “I have learned and grown tremendously, both personally and professionally, over the past three years and would not be where I am today without these individuals.”

Her last day with MMH will be July 9.

MMH CEO Ralph Castillo shared via e-mail that Moore began working at MMH in November 2009. He started in March 2012.

Regarding Moore’s accomplishments he wrote, “Chief amongst which was inculcating credibility and accuracy in the dynamic and important role the CFO plays. The accounting acumen she brought to our local community hospital is second to none, and the meticulous way she discharged her duties reflected well upon her both as a top notch accountant and a professional with impeccable integrity.”

Castillo also wrote that Moore’s “other accomplishments include negotiating financing for the federally mandated EHR (Electronic Health Records) computer system as well as bringing cost-accounting analytics and tools to operational decision-making processes – which had not been a practice by any of her predecessors.”

Morgan County Commissioner Ron Milton, who served on the hospital board when it hired Moore, said, “We knew we’d be losing her when we hired her.”

Milton, who served three years on the hospital authority, said that as treasurer he worked with her regarding the hospital’s finances.

“She did a tremendous job,” he said. “She had very impressive credentials.”

Those credentials include a master’s degree from the University of Georgia as well as her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

During her time with the hospital Milton said Moore implemented a new accounting system: “She was instrumental in getting the old system working with the new system.”

Terry Evans, chair of the Morgan County Hospital Authority, said Moore “has gotten a tremendous promotion.”

“I’m proud of her,” he said. “I felt we’d brought her along. She’s done a great job – I really hate to see her go.”

He noted that Moore was the hospital’s first CFO who was a CPA: “She set the stage for any future CFOs.”

Evans said Moore took the hospital’s finances to the next level.

“She’s put us in a really good position and we can go forward now,” he said. “It’s going to be hard to replace her.”

What it takes to be a MMH CFO

As Moore moves on, MMH must find a new CFO. The ad for this position mentions such qualifications as:

A bachelor’s degree;

Five-plus years of management level fiscal experience in a critical access hospital or healthcare setting;

Designation as a CPA;

Knowledge of revenue cycle;

Budget preparation;

And procedures applicable to a wide variety of complex hospital accounting transactions.

Sarah S. Phillips, human resources manager at MMH, said she has received about 30 applications in the three weeks the position has been advertised.

When it comes to filling this position, Phillips said they would like to do so “as soon as possible so there’s not a lapse in management.”

“Some lapse is to be expected,” she said. “But a minimal lapse would be optimal.”

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