There’s a Redd House over yonder, that’s where the seniors eat

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

Sugar Creek News

By Mae Buice

Summer is here, and I have lost most of it. All I can think of, I’ll be wearing winter clothes before I get to really wear summer things, but hopefully all this will soon be taken care of and I can even wear shoes again.

Didn’t get to attend church this weekend… had a really bad case of that “crud” I get periodically. I feel a little better today (Monday) so I’ll tell you how I spent my Sunday this week. It was “Bill Gaither”  weekend on one of the channels with continuous hours beginning on Saturday, and sometimes good singing will touch me as much as a good sermon, and I was really blessed, and so touched by some of it.

Cindy and Butch Jackson are away on a much enjoyable vacation,  leaving the pulpit in the hands of David Busbee and Rusty Johnson. I don’t know about  it, but I hear that I missed a good message given by Rusty.

I don’t have a lot of news so I’ll just be updating on upcoming events. I do have some information on some singings in the general area.   Sheperd’s Trio will be at Nicholson Amphitheater this Thursday night at 6,  Sunday night the 30th,  The Jordans from Griffin will be at Sewell Methodist Church at 6 p.m., June 6th Robert Pruitt will be at Oakley’s Gospel Barn. Wish I had more to report, hopefully in the near future.

I do thank those of you that keep me informed about what’s going on at your church. Again, I ask that you mark your calendar for our Homecoming Services on July 28th with the Sonrise Trio.

Then beginning on the 29th, our revival with Rev. Earl Partain bringing the message each night, hopefully special singing each night, some already booked.

Oh, and let me announce that I will be singing on July 7th at Beacon Heights Baptist Church,  both morning and evening services.  I would love to have you come and support me.   Begins at 6 p.m., and while I’m on that subject, continue to remember Horace Reeves in your prayers as well as others in our congregaton that are in desperate need of prayer.

I need to send my sympathy again to the Jordan family.  O.L.’s cousin was one of my best friends way back in grammar school at Stone Mountain. Betty Jordan Attaway and I become best friends almost from the start.  She left us last week to go meet up with her beloved husband and family.

I would have loved to have been there for her family, but having this “whatever” I had, I would not expose another to it, so Danny and family,  I was with you in love and prayer.  Paul Pittard and Renae Mitchem visited with us recently. Paul is our cousin and a Baptist preacher. Many in our church will remember him.   We enjoyed your  visit.

OH!!  YES!!!! Our senior citizens enjoy our meals out together – just a reminder that our “kittie” is very low in money and this 5th Sunday night the offerings will go to that account, so please give generously. I want to go back to the Redd House  soon, and not enough money there to go. It’s been a l-o-n-g time since I’ve asked for donations but now’s the time. Thank you. Today, the 24th  happens to be the birthday of my dear friend Glyn’s husband. Birthday blessings for you, Joe Shackelford.

Happy birthday to Chelsea Bell on the 27th,  William Stewart the 26th and to my grandson Eric Bell on the 28th, Randy Bell the 29th. Anniversary wishes for Judy and Jerry Cottrell on the 29th.    Olive Oil:  Who would have guessed that it is great as a furniture polish for wood and metal,  and it will shine up your stainless steel and brass.   My source says it can even be used as hardwood floor polish. Don’t know if I can do that or not… and that, my friends, will end your education on the great uses of olive oil. Oh, don’t forget, you can also use it in salads and cook with it.

And with the beautiful sunshine today, even with showers threatened,  “Shine, even when you least feel like it. You just might brighten someone’s day”.

So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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