Assessors accept two lists, approve a subpoena request

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By Stephanie Johns

Staff Writer

Members of the Morgan County Board of Assessors voted to accept two lists – one for appeals and one for the Board of Equalization – during their July meeting.

A total of 13 properties were included on the 30-day appeal list.

Chair Ron Zay asked staff as to the reasons properties were included on the list.

Chief Appraiser Chuck Anglin responded that there were square footage issues and some slight changes to depreciation.

The board voted to send out revised assessments based on the list.

As for the Board of Equalization list, Anglin said a lot of those on the list were repeats.

Of the 80 properties on this list, Anglin said two were personal property, three were conservation use, and the remainder were real property.

The board voted to forward this list on to the Board of Equalization.

They also voted to subpoena a Shell Station that has not been forthcoming.

Personal Property Assessor Debbie Moreno said, “They’ve not supplied anything; they’ve not supplied a return in three years.”

Another subpoena request on the agenda for the Dr. Pulliam Eye Group was deemed unnecessary as the doctor has been cooperative.

Anglin said he has instructed the auditor to go with what he can see on-site and create a best estimate based on that. Following the assessment the doctor can accept the value or appeal it.

The board also had two items pertaining to conservation use on its July agenda: one for an item tabled last month due to a request for additional information and another for a withdrawal request due to medical reasons.

The board voted to table the first item for a different reason: they want to ask the land owner and the producer to enter into a viable lease agreement and have that come before the board for its August meeting.

They voted to table the second item pending a signature from the property owner’s doctor – documents provided for their July meeting did not include this signature, which the board normally requires.

In other news: They reviewed a personal property audit appeal letter.

Moreno said this would allow them to get more accurate information and offer a faster turnaround time: “This will allow us to get it resolved or get it on to the Board of Equalization to expedite the process.”

And their next meeting will be at 9 a.m. Aug. 5 in the Board of Commissioners Board Room.

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