Hospital posts loss for May

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By Stephanie Johns
Staff Writer

Net income for Morgan Memorial Hospital in May stands at a negative $130,809, according to information shared by CFO Courtney Moore, who went over the hospital’s financials during the monthly meeting of the Morgan County Hospital Authority.

Total hospital revenue stands at more than $1.01 million while operating expenses stand at more than $1.08 million.

Both net patient and other revenue were under budget: by $67,000 and $27,000, respectively.
Expenses, on the other hand, were over budget by $18,000.

Salaries and wages, under budget by $46,000, and supply cost, under budget by $18,000, were balanced out by employee benefits, over budget by $60,000, professional fees, over budget by $16,000, and purchased services, over budget by $18,000.

As for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) funds the hospital was supposed to receive earlier this year, Moore said she has been in contact with Billie Webb with the Department of Community Health.

“This started in December 2012 and we’re at the end of June,” she said. “We’re sitting basically in the same position.”

Through no fault of its own, the hospital has not received $151,000 in Medicaid funds.
Moore said she has checked with the hospital’s auditors and been told she can book the money in this fiscal year.

During a meeting of the finance committee earlier in the week, Moore said, “Booking that within this fiscal year definitely makes waiting a little bit less nerve-racking.”

In a later email she shared, “While all appropriate steps were taken by MMH, we are still waiting on $266K worth of funding from the state which will go directly to our bottom line for FY2013.”
She further explained that in addition to the $151,000 owed in Medicaid EHR funds, the hospital also is owed $115,000 from the Georgia Department of Community Health for its indigent care trust fund.

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