Hospital projects increased revenue: Morgan Memorial’s now-approved FY14 budget totals $25 million

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By Stephanie Johns

Staff Writer

Members of the Morgan County Hospital Authority reviewed the fiscal year (FY) 2014 budget during the group’s June meeting.

The proposed budget calls for more than $25 million in total gross patient revenue for Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH).

The hospital’s CFO, Courtney Moore, noted that the same number for FY2013 was more than $23 million.

Of that $25 million, CEO Ralph Castillo said they expect to see about $12.7 million.

Morgan County will contribute $600,000 to MMH for FY 2014, down $100,000 from the county’s FY 2013 contribution of $700,000.

MMH’s total operating expenses of $13.3 million include $6.1 million for salaries and $2.8 million for professional fees.

Moore later shared via email, “There is an improvement of $150K to the bottom line over FY 2013.”

Castillo said they estimated “a reasonable amount of growth” when creating the FY2014 budget.

“We think it’s going to grow bigger than that,” he said, “So these are pretty conservative numbers.”

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