Planners table application for tennis court lighting

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By Stephanie Johns
Staff Writer

Members of the Morgan County Planning Commission unanimously voted to table a petition from Ben Windham to allow tennis court lighting on accessory residential tennis courts on properties of 2.5 acres or more.

He said that when people have that much acreage and precautions are taken, they should be allowed to build one for their children. He added that his clients’ contiguous neighbors don’t have a problem with the lighted courts.

Andrew O’Connell of Cedar Lakes spoke in favor of Windham’s request, saying that if parents were able to encourage their children’s interest in an athletic activity, the commission should support them.

Commission Connie Booth said she was concerned about the 2.5 acre minimum, which would apply to 91 tracts within the city.

“It seems to me this amendment needs work,” she said. “Two-and-a-half acres is too small … and permitted use of lighting makes me nervous.”

Also, Booth said she would like to see a limitation on the number of tennis courts allowed per property.

She noted that two courts are required by the National Tennis Association for league play. Having people visit a home for league play in Madison might cause traffic problems, she said.

During a later phone interview City Planner Bryce Jaeck explained that the applicant will need to take the lead on addressing the comments from the commissioners.

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