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Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn

By Nick Nunn

Since the requirements for what one must prove in the state of Georgia before one can get a driver’s license have become more stringent, a lot of people have complained.

During one of my two visits to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) last year, I saw numerous people turn away from the counter, shaking their head as they realize that they didn’t have the paperwork necessary to renew their drivers license for the first time since the requirements changed.

One man’s attempt failed because the bank statement that he brought in to establish his residence was one or two months older than the law allows.

A woman had to leave with empty hands because the spelling of her name on her birth certificate didn’t exactly match the spelling of her name on her social security form.

However, these poor folks have nothing on Nakia Grimes in Clayton County.

While applying for a license renewal, a particularly observant DMV worker noticed that the person who filled out Grimes’ birth certificate some 37 years ago had erroneously marked her sex as “male.”

You would think that, somehow, the birth certificate of the son to whom Grimes gave birth would complicate the issue of her sex for the government.

Befitting bureaucracy, however, the DMV worker wouldn’t take Grimes’ word that she has all of the parts necessary to classify her as a woman; the government required Grimes to have a PAP examination done by a doctor who could write a notarized letter, stating that she is indeed a woman, before she was allowed to get her license.

Keeping a sense of humor about her, Grimes told the Atlanta Daily World that she now can, “enjoy her upcoming birthday as an official woman in the eyes of the feds.”

So, when you are sitting at the DMV next time, angry that you had to dig through boxes and drawers to find your birth certificate and social security card, be thankful that you didn’t need a doctor to check on your genitals instead.

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