Council adopts budget after losses in fiscal year 2013

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By Nick Nunn

Staff Writer

Last Thursday, the Rutledge City Council held their final meeting regarding the city’s budget for the fiscal year 2014, which the attending council members unanimously voted to adopt.

The fiscal year 2014 budget reflects decreasing expectations regarding the general fund, whose budgeted incomes and expenditures largely did not meet the expectations of the 2013 budget.

The 2013 budget for the general fund totaled more than $701,000, including more than $237,000 remaining in the fund balance from the previous year. Almost $435,000 was earned as income by the city, but Rutledge expended around $568,000 during the fiscal year 2013, creating a difference of almost $134,000.

The council reduced the general fund budget in the fiscal year 2014 to slightly more than $436,000, a figure much closer to their actual income during the fiscal year 2013.

The water and sewer budget for the fiscal year 2013, which was set at more than $336,000, also came up short, with the city bringing in more than $254,000 but spending around $259,000, creating a negative difference of more than $4,000.

Despite the loss in the water and sewer budget during the fiscal year 2013, Rutledge increased the water and sewer budget for the fiscal year 2013 to around $357,000, an increase of more than $20,000.

After brief consideration of the budget by the council members, the mayor opened the floor for any final citizen input, but no citizens felt compelled to speak before the council.

Council member Brenda Thompson made a motion to approve the budget, council member Chad Cook seconded the motion, and the budget was approved unanimously.

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