County could save $30,000

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By Les Bessenger


The Morgan County Commissioners discussed the possibility of saving $30,000 in annual premiums by changing the liability coverage limit and deductible with the Association County Commissioners of Georgia – Interlocal Risk Management Agency.

The liability limits would be decreased effective July 1 from $5 million to $2 million and the deductible would be increased from $2,500 to $5,000.

According to County Manager Michael Lamar, “Five million in coverage was excessive when looking at other counties in Georgia. The average is $1 million. I felt comfortable moving to $2 million.”

The topic of saving money came up again during the discussion of the grant the Sheriff’s Office has received.

Sheriff Robert Markley explained that the state requires new equipment to test for intoxication starting next year. The new equipment will require officers to be trained on it.

Markley reported that the grant will keep them from paying for training twice as they are currently due for training on the equipment they already have.

“That way we train on new equipment and not waste our time,” he said, adding that they would otherwise have to train on their current equipment this year and on the new equipment next year.

In other news, Chair Ellen Warren said that when changing probate judges, as they have done going from former Probate Judge Mike Bracewell to Morgan County Probate Judge Charles Merritt, an audit is done.

“Everything was appropriate,” she said.

Commissioners unanimously approved acceptance of this.

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