Law Enforcement: July 11, 2013 edition

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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On July 5 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at an East Main Street, Rutledge location after a man reported observing a black male walking on East Main Street waving a pistol. According to reports, a deputy and Georgia State Patrol trooper responded to downtown Rutledge and confronted a black juvenile and white juvenile at the Gazebo. Reports state that a deputy located an air soft gun in the black male’s pants pocket. The weapon had been painted black including over the orange safety tip. Reports state that both the white male juvenile and black male juvenile were handcuffed as officers investigated the complaint. The white male juvenile told officers that the air soft gun belonged to him. Reports state that neither males were arrested. The black male was reportedly 12-years-old. No age was reported on the white male juvenile.

On July 4 a dispute report was filed at a Teal Court residence after a 17-year-old female reported that her father had allegedly punched her in the mouth. Reports state that the teen told officers she asked her father for permission to use the car and he became irate and pushed and punched her. The father said he was sleeping when the girl demanded use of the vehicle and when he refused she continued to berate him regarding using the vehicle and blocked his way to the bathroom. He said she then pushed him and he then did punch her in the mouth.

On July 3 a forgery complaint was filed at a Nunnally Street, Rutledge, location after a woman reported that her daughter had taken two checks from her check book while the daughter and her boyfriend were at the house during a birthday party. The woman said that each check had been written to the boyfriend for $400 each. The daughter told the officer that the mother had given her the checks but had probably forgotten about the transaction because the mother was allegedly on medication. The daughter said that the checks were allegedly a birthday present and that they had been made out to the boyfriend because the daughter did not possess identification.

On July 3 a lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office after a man reported that items he had left at his Sandy Creek Road residence were missing. The man told a deputy that his wife had been awarded the house at the end of a divorce settlement and that he called his son to inquire about the items and the son reported that the items were gone. The complainant said he was missing 75 Atlanta Braves cigars, one burgundy cigar case containing five cigars, one large custom humidifier, one Hewlett-Packard desktop computer, one steel “Bullett” cigar holder, three bottles of Atlanta Braves wine, two bottles of custom wine, one cigar ash tray, one Louis Vuitton brief case, three pairs of dress shoes, one blue dolly, one wall clock, one box of dishes, one tool box with tools, one drill set, one wedding band, one custom necklace with a cross and one watch. He valued the items at $5,954.

On July 1 an animal cruelty complaint was filed at a dumpster site on Fairplay Road. According to reports, a woman reported finding a Beagle in the Dumpster. The woman told a deputy that she believed the dog had been placed in the dumpster and abused. The deputy checked video tape of the site with Morgan County Code Enforcement and observed that the dog had entered the dumpster on its own at 4:58 a.m.

Madison Police Department

On July 2 a burglary complaint was filed at an Eatonton Road residence after a woman reported that when she returned to a house she had vacated to retrieve items she noticed that the front door was not locked. The woman told officers when she entered the house she heard noises and she left and called Morgan County Dispatch. The woman said she returned to the house and determined that all the water faucets in the house were on and running. An officer reported that that house was in disarray with clothes and other items strewn about the house. He also noted that there was a foul smell in the house. The officer reported that in one bathroom someone had created a “shrine” of children’s pictures on a bathroom mirror with the largest picture that of the complainant when she was a child. The complainant said she did not recognize the other children in the “shrine.” The officer also noted that he found a recently opened 40 ounce beer that was still cold to the touch and had condensation forming on the outside of the container. The officer said he made a thorough search of the residence and surrounding building and woods but did not locate anyone. The woman said two antique tables were missing from the residence.

On July 3 Judith Ann Knight, 61, North Augusta, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass after she allegedly was inside a room at the Tucker Inn, Eatonton Road, after having been served a criminal trespass notice to not be on the property. Reports state that a man reported he and Knight were engaged in an argument and that he left the room because Knight was allegedly throwing items at him and tearing up the room. An officer had a maintenance worker open the room and allegedly found Knight lying on a bed. Knight told the officer she understood the criminal trespass notice was for the parking lot, not the rooms at the motel. She was then arrested and transported to the Morgan County Detention Center.

On June 30 Michael G. Nix, 40, Rutledge, and Charlie Morgan Jenkins, 20, Madison were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, Nix and Jenkins had allegedly engaged in a physical confrontation in the Goody’s parking lot, Eatonton Road. Jenkins was a passenger in a blue pickup truck when officers stopped the truck. Nix was stopped in front of Hibbetts Sports, Eatonton Road. Jenkins told officers that Nix had attempted to cut him with a knife during the alleged confrontation. Nix denied attempting to cut Jenkins. An officer retrieved and confiscated a knife from Nix.

On July 7 a criminal trespass and disorderly conduct complaint was filed at a Morgan Circle location after a woman reported that a former boyfriend had approached her apartment with a crow bar, kicked open the apartment door and then struck her current boyfriend with the crowbar. Both men had left the scene when officers arrived and the current boyfriend refused police requests to submit a statement.

On June 30 a burglary complaint was filed at Morgan County High School after an administrator reported that someone had damaged a vending machine and removed product from the machine. According to reports, video surveillance captured five black males at the high school. Reports state that all five were identified and included two 14-year-old males, a 10-year-old male and a 9-year-old male. All five suspects were identified and allegedly told officers that they had entered the high school initially to play basketball at the old gymnasium. One of the males stated that he had propped a door open with a weight to gain entry. An Apple IPhone was also reported missing at the school. A window was also broken.

On June 30 Rebecca W. Litz, 66, Madison was arrested and charged with shoplifting after she allegedly took a Jabra Bluetooth device from a display rack at the Verizon Wireless store, Eatonton Road, without paying for the item. Reports state that Litz told the officer the device had been paid for earlier but she could not produce a receipt for the item. The item was retrieved and returned to the store. Litz was released on a signature bond. On July 2 Crystal L. Samples, 33, Madison, was arrested and charged with larceny. According to reports, Samples allegedly took a refrigerator from a carport of an adjacent Pearl Street residence and moved it into her kitchen. Reports state that the owner of the refrigerator stated that she had moved the unit outside in preparation to move out of the residence. An officer observed drag marks from the carport to a fence separating the two residences. The complainant called officers a second time and said that Samples was attempting to return the refrigerator. Samples told officers that in Winder, it was permissible to take items that had been left behind after tenants moved from a house. The refrigerator was returned and Samples was arrested.

On June 29 a threat to injure person report was filed at a Maple Street residence. According to reports, a woman stated that her husband had called her on three occasions and threatened her. The woman said that the man had recently been released from prison and was attempting to continue the relationship against her wishes. During one of the taped phone conversations, the man allegedly threatened to come to the woman’s place of employment and kill her, everyone in the store and the police and then himself.

On July 3 a larceny from auto complaint was filed at a South Main Street location after a woman reported that someone had entered her silver Volvo and removed a Mac Pro laptop computer valued at $1,000.

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