So many birthdays on and around the Fourth of July

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

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By Betty Moore

Happy birthday to Gail Wade! Her birthday was July 3. Her family celebrated with her at her home. Then on July 4 they were all there to celebrate the festivities at the fire department. They had an enjoyable time and so did Gail!

Gail Wade’s sisters carried her to Wolf Mountain to celebrate her birthday. Then she and John spent the night with Susan and Jack Johnston.

We have some more birthdays. Pat had one on July 5. Tammy had one on July 6. Little Billie Hinesley was two years old. Happy birthday to you all!

One day last week I started out my carport steps. I always look down because there are four steps. The dog was on the leash. There between my large Rubbermaid container and the step was a large snake curled around there on the cement. I had taken one step downward. I backed up, back into the kitchen as I announced seeing a large snake! My daughter started out to get the hoe on the carport but she also got a shovel from the shelter. My husband got the shotgun. I told him that he should not shoot on the concrete. He loaded the gun. He got more shells to put in his pocket. And out the door he went! I carried the large dog in another room shutting the door behind me. I held her ears for she is afraid of gunfire. There were two shots. I went to the kitten to look out the window. Even though the snake was shot it was still trying to get away. They finally got it killed! It was a tough one to kill and long and big!

Two nights later I was up in the night. I felt something on my leg. When I was aware of what was happening I had fainted as I have done a number of times before. But this time there was blood coming from my right leg from a long cut. My bed railing is metal. When I fainted my leg had hit it. I grabbed a roll of toilet tissue and began dabbing blood fast as I could. Blood was all over the floor. I had put pressure over the spot but it only helped some. Finally I was able to slow it. I was not able to get to my phone. It was almost a fourth of the room away. After a while I began putting gauze patches over the spot and using paper tape. I started to go to the kitchen to get the mop bucket and Clorox but it was about 1:30 a.m. I decided to put a towel over my mattress and go to bed. The blood would just have to stay on the floor, which it has after a mopping. On July 4 we went to the emergency clinic to get my leg looked at. My daughter came and we went there. The night before I should have called 911 but I didn’t. I found out today, Monday that it is going to take a while for the long cut to heal. When I go on a planned trip it will need treating daily.

Another event happened Sunday afternoon. As we sat in our living room I heard a noise. I looked out. I saw nothing. The dog barked. Later when I went to the bathroom I looked out the window. Lo and behold there was a light pole with the meter on it lying on the ground with all of the wires on it. It frightened me. I called REA. A man came very soon. Our lights were still on. There was no danger of it causing a fire to our house. So the man decided to leave the pole on the ground until Monday morning. He called someone else that came with a bucket truck to tie the wire to a tree until Monday morning. It was quite an event to watch as three trucks came from REA to get the job done on Monday. The two big trucks each carried two men, and the pickup truck must have been the foreman.

The power pole had been in the ground since 1961 when we built our house. It had seemingly rotted off at the ground but it broke some tree limbs from a tree nearby. They removed the part of the pole that was in the ground. They placed the new pole in the same hole that the old one came from. I watched a little from my bathroom window. Each man had a part to do. Then he stepped back. It was interesting to watch. My husband went out to see the job done. He sat out the whole time to watch.

I’ll say that the Moore’s had an interesting few days! Lets just hope that things get a little more settled down! But the Lord is in control whatever He may!

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