Sympathy goes out to the family of George Ray McNair Sr.

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

Brownwood News

By Margie Ward

Tragedy struck our community Friday, June 28 when George Ray McNair Sr. was killed instantly in a farming accident on his farm off Brownwood Road. He died doing what he loved to do. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

Margie Ward visited Millie, George and Joseph McNair at A.E. Carter Funeral Home Monday night.

Memorial service was held Tuesday afternoon at A. E. Carter Funeral Home Chapel. Brownwood’s Pastor Ron Swann was the officiating minister. Burial was in Madison City Cemetery.

Brownwood Women’s Ministry and others furnished a meal for the McNair family and friends after the service on Tuesday in the Brownwood Family Life Center. Our sympathy and prayers continue to be with the McNair Family.

Sunday attendance at church was good; we still have some out for various reasons. I hope all will be back soon. We are thankful for the visitors that continue to come and worship with us; we pray you are blessed by coming and will feel welcome to come anytime that God leads you to come be with us. The choir special was, “Who am I?” Special music was, “There is Power in the Blood,” by Pastor Swann, James and Caitlin Butler, Kittie Mayfield and Jonathan Swann. Bro. Swann’s message was, “The Kingdom of God,” Matthew 4:17. Jesus talked a lot about the kingdom of God. God’s kingdom, (Rule of God) should be the first priority in our lives. He said if we seek God’s kingdom first all things will be taken care of. Sometimes we are guilty of putting our relationship with God on the back burner. What is God’s Kingdom? It is His rule over the universe. His Kingdom is alive in all true Christians. Does He reign and rule in our hearts? The same message that John the Baptist and Jesus Christ taught is the message we are to give to the world today. God’s Kingdom on earth is at present a Spiritual one. There will come a day when He will also physically rule on a new earth. What a day that will be! Only by complete trust and faith in God can we belong to His Kingdom. Jesus said we are to mourn over our sins and ask in earnest to be forgiven. God wants to rule on the throne of our hearts. Will you be a part of God’s eternal kingdom?

Sunday night at 6 p.m. attendance was good. Bro. Ron continued messages in James 5. Themes of the Book of James are faith, patience and perfection. The writer spoke much of the power of speech for good or for evil. In James 3 a lot is said about Godly wisdom. Chapter 4 tells that if we are friends with worldly things we are at enmity with God. Chapter 5 begins with a warning of the futility of putting our trust in material things and riches. God reminds us to remember where our blessings come from. We can be rich in spirit and live in poverty, or we can be materially rich and poor in spirit. Some are also rich in wealth but also rich in spirit and love of God. Then the writer of James encourages us to be patient for the coming of the Lord. James 5:8 says, “the coming of the Lord draws nigh.” We are to pray with faith as we wait and to commit to telling the lost the way to salvation. This chapter stresses the importance of the prayer of faith. Vs 16b, the effective fervent prayer of righteous man availeth much.”

Thanks to Kittie Mayfield for church notes today. July items for Operation Christmas Child are Miscellaneous, stickers, balloons, flash lights, batteries, sun glasses, color books, etc.

Morgan County Baptist Associational Brotherhood Supper will be Thursday, Aug. 1 Rutledge Baptist Church 7 p.m. Executive committee meets at 6:30 p.m.

Brownwood Baptist Church will have Homecoming Sunday, August 4. Mark your calendars.

Donny and Tessa Sims, Austin and Addison from Wellington, Ala., visited Peggy Harper Friday. They enjoyed lunch and visiting together.

Brandon, Gail and John Grubbs visited Gail’s parents, Wallace and Joann Walder at Americus from Wednesday through Friday. They had a good visit with other family members there also.

Thursday, July 4 Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel, and Zach Wood, Julie and Billy Phillips, Sarah and James Folsom from Cincinnati, Ohio joined Margie Ward at her home for a cookout. We also celebrated Sarah’s birthday, which was June 29th.

Roger Grubbs spent the weekend with Peggy Harper, Brandon, Gail and John Grubbs. He was in town to visit his sister Sarah Burdette in the Monroe Hospital. He was undergoing test that, thanks to God proved to be a condition that is treatable.

Jennifer Grubbs and nephew Chandler Griffith visited Peggy Harper and family Sunday afternoon.

Our community was saddened Saturday to her of the death of Ray Harper. Our sympathy goes out to his family during this time. Look to God for comfort, courage, love and hope in the days ahead. God knows our every need.

Reflections about Godly Leadership

“It is impossible rightly to govern the world without God and the Bible.” – George Washington

“Our job in government and your job as leaders in the law are to strengthen the faith of the people – in the resolute protection of their rights and in the effective delivery of justice.” – Dan Quayle at the bicentennial of the Bill of Rights

“The foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government will be exemplified by all the attributes, which can win the affections of its citizens and command the respect of the world.” – George Washington

Pray For America!

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