Church Homecoming, a favorite event, planned for July 28

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice


Sugar Creek News

By Mae Buice

Good Monday morning to you on this beautiful sun-shiney day. So thankful for another day to be able to get up and place my feet on the floor. How great is our God. What a beautiful place the Lord has prepared for us to live out our lives. Just look around you at the wonders.

Time is quickly slipping by; here it is, already middle of July. Seems when I was a child the summers were so long. Now, before I know it, another month is gone. I try to live each day as if I might not have another.

Have been so busy the last couple of weeks  canning and pickling. Oh, I love to do that. Thank you, my dear friend, for the delicious vegetable supper you provided. Enjoyed so much.
Had another great day in the House of the Lord on Sunday with a great singing service and Butch bringing his message from Malachi 3:1-6, with the topic of “You’re not ready to meet Him.” How right that is.

If we all examine ourselves instead of looking and critizing others we might see our own sins and we’d know how ready we are. Think on that. Sunday night Butch brought his message from Psalm 118:1-13.

Let me begin by requesting serious prayer for so many, and I know I’ll miss some: Cliff Walker is having tests on his lungs this Monday morning. Mr. O.L. Jordan is not feeling up to par; Patsy Greene struggles for breath but is so faithful; Marion Beacham struggles with his chemo, as does Horace Reeves, and the fighting within their bodies; Lou and Jessie Comans have bad days, both of them. Remember with your sincerest prayers.

A praise, Ruby Stewart is doing well after her heart attack. Yes, we do have so much to be thankful for and so many more on our prayer list. Everywhere we look so many are sick. Watch over us, dear Lord.

James and I attended the gospel singing at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on Saturday night and enjoyed the Neal Family from Tennessee. Brother Jerald and sister Bonnie always make you feel so welcome.

And our time is creeping up. Homecoming is now closer and I get really excited. For those of you that are former members, members, friends, please plan to attend on July 28 at 10 a.m. No Sunday School on this day,  but beautiful music performed by the Sonrise Trio. Come and enjoy Frankie, Tina and Tammy.

Then beginning on Monday night, the 29 at 7 p.m.,  revival with Earl Partain and special singing each night.

Yes, I am excited. I love this time of the year, always special for me. And I want you to enjoy also.
Rusty and Kim Johnson have returned from a vacation trip to Myrtle Beach. We have others away this week. Hopefully this weather holds up and they can enjoy the sunshine.

Hey! I received my new piano last Monday. It has a beautiful sound plus looks good to the eye. If you are in search of a new piano, let me highly recommend the Turner Keyboards in Augusta. So many pretty pianos on their floor, plus Lisa will take good care of you.

I’m not going to complain to you this week about this old boot on my foot. I’m just taking it one day at a time and before I know it Aug. 5 will be here. And I do pray that it will be healed and I can come out of this heavy thing. Cindy suggested that I decorate it with pretty stuff and make it look better. I may just glue some ribbons and flowers on it… LOL!

At the ABC Auction this Saturday night, Rodney Bowles will be there, and I forget to mention there are drawings for free items, plus a cash drawing at 6 p.m. and Pat always has good food in the snack bar.

I want to wish special birthdays to my granddaughters, for Roxana Arwood on the 19 and Susanne Bell on the 23. And for my friends Reba Knight, the 17; Lisa Maddox, also on the 19. Happy anniversary blessings to Stephanie and Sandy Martin on the 19; Jessie and Lou Comans, the 20. Happy birthday to Ross Arnold on the 19. And I’ll be celebrating all month as I’m so thankful to have another birthday soon.

“My own longevity emits from a love affair with life. I believe the way to get out of bed is with a leap and to hold the conviction that each day is going to be the greatest day of my life.” Amen!
So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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