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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

Union Springs News

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs. I have to tell you a spirit of revival has overtaken our church and I wish that those who have not experienced it could come and see for themselves. It started about four weeks ago and seems to get stronger and stronger. Just think our planned revival for 2013 is scheduled for August 5 to August 9 yet revival is here. Services will be held beginning at 7:30 nightly and all are welcome to attend. Isn’t it great knowing that when your church has liberty in worship, revival can breakout at any time?

The auxiliary of ushers and greeters are celebrating their anniversary on fourth Sunday, July 28 at 10 a.m. during the morning worship period. Coordinators, Sister Connie Thomas and Sister Antonia Meadows have planned a wonderful program to recognize this group, which plays a vital part of the church body. The guest speaker will be our own Jamie Baker who also is well known as our beloved church secretary. The guest church for the occasion will be Springfield Missionary Baptist of Newborn.

I do have an update on Aris Hubbard and her track streak. She and her fellow teammates were very successful in the regional meet held in Orlando, Fla. last week. In the 4 x 400 the group came in third place and in the 4 x 100 they came in fifth place. Wait it gets even better. These girls get to advance to nationals, which will be held in North Carolina July 25 to July 28. When you see Aris tell her, “run girl, run!’

Since we are on the track theme I hope that you saw Bryson Walker’s picture in last week’s paper. Back in May he was one of the 25 members of the Morgan County Recreation Department’s track team that participated in the state meet, which was held in Carrollton. Great job Bryson!

You know that I told you earlier that a spirit of revival has overtaken USBC and with the response to Pastor Terrell’s sermon on Sunday it may be an ongoing occurrence. The text for the morning came from Psalm 23 of which he has preached from countless times. He shared with us that as he studied this psalm he received greater (not new) revelation. Of course this is in keeping with the Bible, which states that there are hidden truths in the word and they are there for you when you need them.
In the collection of Psalms David wrote this one to express praise. Many of us have heard it read at funerals and consider it as a ‘funeral psalm” but it is in fact a psalm of victory and prosperity.
As we look deeper into these phrases we see that David was a man of many hats. He was a shepherd by trade and a musician by gifting. In addition he was a warrior by heritage and a king by anointing. He also was a man willing to offer up much praise to the Lord.

We are seeking to get our break through whether it is in our relationships, in our finances or with our relationship with God. We definitely want healing, victory and prosperity. This psalm shows us how to obtain these things.

Pastor Terrell stated that we need to let God be Lord in our lives. We need to surrender control to God. We can’t be led by our emotions or circumstances. Everyone wants a savior but not necessarily a Lord. In other words we all want to go to heaven but still want to live like h—on earth!

We also need to fear no evil. These two concepts come from the devil and we need to recognize this. Now fear may come, but we need to pray God’s Word to break those chains of bondage.

Often we will ask for prayer for what God has already told us to do. Keeping this in mind, the more successful you are the more enemies you will create. Even when David went into enemy territory he could feel the presence of the enemy.

Our job is to see us victorious over sickness, over lack, over disappointments, over our circumstances. We all can praise God on the other side when we get our break through but can we praise Him in advance? Glory Be To God!

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