Commission looks at Ga. Trust’s Fall Ramble, “Madison Unseen”

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By Nick Nunn
Staff Writer

On Wednesday, July 10, the Morgan County Resource Preservation Advisory Board (RPAB) met to discuss The Georgia Trust 2013 Fall Ramble: Madison Unseen!, which will be held in Madison on Oct. 4-6.
After approving the minutes, the members of the RPAB perused the itinerary for the Fall Ramble, noting the fact that a number of the sights and locations mentioned in the plans are either not in Madison or not historical sites.

In addition to several sites on the tour within city limits, including Hilltop, the Madison Morgan Cultural Center, and the Baldwin-Williford-Ruffin House, the tour will also include stops at the Terrell Plantation in Putnam County, the Summershade homestead near Bostwick, and a tour of the James Madison Inn, which board members insisted is not a historic site.

“I was a little disappointed when I read that they didn’t focus on historic properties,” said Tara Cooner, Senior Planner for Morgan County, to the RPAB.

However, board member Ona Nunn expressed excitement in seeing that John Bostwick’s residence will be on the tour.

“This private home of John Bostwick will be well worth seeing,” said Nunn.

Cooner also informed the board that the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, who will be honoring Annie Lee Small, former co-owner of WYTH, as a 2013 Legacy inductee, will by using the RPAB’s transcripts from oral interviews during the induction ceremony.

Finally, the board adjourned their July meeting, after hearing the content of a few emails from citizens, hoping that the board would be able to help them locate information.

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