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web edit 1091 Eatonton Rd, Madison, GA

1091 Eatonton Road, Madison

By Stephanie Johns
Staff Writer

Members of the Madison Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) approved a change in roofing material, tabled the replacement of windows, and denied replacement of the front door of the house located at 1091 Eatonton Road.

Applicant Kaleb Smith said the windows there now are “afterthoughts along the way.”

He also said the windows had been caulked and the sills had been cut at an angle on the inside. Also, boards were nailed along the perimeter of window exteriors.

“The only thing you’d keep is the glass in the windows,” he said.

He added that changing out the windows would give the house “great flow” in that the ones he put in would mimic the windows at the front of the house.

According to HPC Staff Ken Kocher, the windows have suffered “some deterioration but don’t seem to be beyond repair.”

HPC member Stratton Hicky said he wants a more detailed assessment.

Tim Reilly, a member of the public, said of restoring the windows: “Yes, it’s work but it becomes easier sash by sash.”

The HPC postponed this request until their next meeting and will get a third party assessment of the windows in the meantime.

As for the front door, Smith said changing it was an aesthetic change that would also allow the door to flow with the windows.

Reilly said he guessed that the door was a 1920s piece of millwork.

HPC member Richard Simpson told Smith that they strive for consistency in their decisions.
“It ties in with that,” Simpson said. “We balked at changing the windows, we would balk at changing the door as well.”

HPC unanimously denied this request.

Regarding the roof, Kocher said it will be charcoal colored, modern rib, metal roofing. He explained that the existing pressed metal roof is at the end of its use and that placing the tarp over it likely caused additional damage.

HPC unanimously approved the change in roof.

In other news:
The HPC approved the construction of an arbor and enclosing a carport at 382 Porter St. as submitted;

They also approved a chance in the design of an approved drive and parking for Lot 11 Candler Lane;
Recent administrative approvals included: installation of a side yard fence at 506 Candler Lane, installation of a pasture fence at Third and Walker Streets, and installation of a rear yard fence at both 571 Hill St. and 507 Candler Lane;

Following concerns shared by Hicky about the “utilitarian” looking pasture fence, Kocher said he would bring future fence requests to the HPC instead of allowing them to be approved administratively;

Recent staff approvals included a change in an approved site plan for Lot 11 Candler Lane and a change in approved siding for 504 Fourth St.;

And last to be approved was a one-year extension on a Certificate of Appropriateness for work at 504 Candler Lane.

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