Man stabbed 10 times during argument, survives

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Butler Heard

Butler Heard

By Patrick Yost

A 54-year-old man survived being stabbed 10 times during an argument outside a Budget Inn Motel room.

Robert James Higgins, Madison, suffered stab wounds to the chest, left arm, left side and back area after he allegedly engaged in a fight with Butler Heard, 50, Madison. Reports state that officers arrived to a distress call at the motel and found Higgins covered with blood sitting in a chair next to a room. A small fixed–blade knife was at his feet, reports state.

Higgins told officers that Heard had stabbed him and then walked across the street to another motel room. Officers found Heard in the room. Heard told officers, reports state, that he and Higgins had been drinking beer outside Higgins room when Higgins allegedly started an argument with Heard. Heard said Higgins struck him above the right eye, knocking him to the ground. Heard said Higgins then allegedly pulled a knife, got on top of Heard and struck him again in the head. Heard said he then pulled his knife and began stabbing Heard in an attempt to get him off.

Officers reported that Heard had swelling above his right and left eye and a laceration on the back of his head.

Heard was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Higgins was transported to Athens Regional Hospital.

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