Mixed feelings about the rain

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

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By Rachel Harper

We are still getting rain about every day– some people are getting BIG rains. I happened to think of Dog Days, but someone told me they don’t start until July 28. I really don’t have time this morning to check on all of that, but I will later. We have been cutting up tomatoes to put up. That is about the only thing in the garden worth doing anything for a change. Tommy Cathey gave us some apples, so a homemade apple pie is in the oven! This is a busy, busy time. I know all of you out there are busy, busy too. Praise the Lord for the rain! But the poor farmers are waiting on some sunshine so they can cut the multitude of hay and get it dried and baled. God knows what is best for all of us and what we all need.

There is only three-and-a-half weeks of summer vacation left for the children before school begins. Someone also said this weekend that if it wasn’t for the furlough days for the teachers at the beginning of the school year, the students would be starting around Aug. 1. I for one thinks that is absolutely ridiculous, entirely too soon. But my sister who is a principal in Tennessee says her students will start the end of July!

Our Bethany community was very upset this past week when we heard that two of our young girls were involved in a terrible ATV accident. Reagan and Allie Nash, the two youngest daughters of Sara and Roland Nash who live off of Seven Islands Road, received intensive injuries when their “Gator” was hit by a truck. The man driving tried his best to avoid the girls, but just could not help it. Sara is the former Sara Moorhead, the daughter of Jan Moorhead and the late Alex Moorhead. Sara lives in the former home place of Jan and Alex. Reagan, the younger girl, who I think is around 10 years old, is coming along and I think by the time you readers read this column, she will have been discharged from Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. Allie, however, has severe head trauma, and they are keeping her in a medical coma in order for her brain to rest and heal. We want all the family to know that all of us are keeping these children in our constant prayers as well as the parents and family who are keeping a constant vigil with their girls.

Rebecca Morgan was honored at a baby shower on Sunday afternoon at the beautiful home of Martha Welch on Morris Road here in Madison. Co-hostesses were her daughter, Monica, and her granddaughter, Sarah Grace Proctor. A good number of family and friends dropped in during the afternoon to shower Rebecca with gifts for their upcoming little girl who will be born in August. Delicious homemade cakes were served along with cheese straws, nuts, fruit and punch.

A “gender reveal” party was held on Sunday afternoon down at Bonner’s Restaurant where it was “revealed” with a pink layer cake that Anna Bonner and Kyle Vining will be welcoming a little girl, Kylie, to their home in December. This is the first “reveal” party that I had ever been to, although I had heard of them. After the doctor’s appointment where they do a sonogram and they know whether your baby will be a boy or a girl, the parents can have a little party where they tell the rest of the family. You can give the bakery the results and they will bake you a pink or blue layer cake, but you don’t know until the first slice is cut and they share with the guests. Back in my day, it was just a complete surprise up until the very end! They have even already picked out a name; I didn’t even pick out my boys’ names until I was laying in labor in the hospital. For some reason I just couldn’t decide! Guests enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings along with pasta salad, chips and slaw.

All of the Porters traveled to Perry this past weekend where Ben Porter participated in the Georgia Farm Credit and the Georgia Club Lamb Producers shows. They said that thankfully the weather was cooler than normal. Ben, Claire Woodard, and Will Woodard all showed lambs and Claire came away with Reserve Champion. All of them came away with some more nice wins also.

John and Mary Ellen Shannon have returned from a trip to Ohio where John attended his class reunion and they also enjoyed visiting with family.

Sandra Brown and her daughter, Laurie Lewis, and several friends enjoyed going to Rutledge this past weekend to see another Elvis Presley impersonator, which they all really enjoyed.

James Melvin and Inez Brewer enjoyed lunch on Sunday with Steve and Sarah Nell Craig.

Ruth Ventrello, the pastor’s wife of Bethany Baptist Church, reports that they had a very successful Bible School this past weekend. The theme was Jonah and the Whale in which they used puppets to tell the story and act out the part of Jonah. Ruth is very talented and artistic and did a great job of building the props and painting them to use during VBS. All of the children really enjoyed it.

Antioch Baptist Church in Godfrey is making plans for their annual homecoming to be held on Sunday morning, Aug. 4, at 11 a.m. I believe a barbecue lunch is in the plans also. I will give more details later.

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