Parallel Housing agreement progressing: Council addresses protocol when two dissenters don’t sign agreement at meeting

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By Stephanie Johns

Staff Writer

During a work session of the Madison City Council held last Friday, July 12, Mayor Bruce Gilbert asked City Attorney Joe Reitman to talk about whether or not precedent had been set with the recent Parallel Housing development agreement.

The council voted three to two in favor of signing the agreement at their June meeting. Following the meeting the two dissenters did not sign the agreement.

Reitman said that the manner in which the resolution arose was a bit odd: it wasn’t on that night’s agenda and the people from Parallel Housing didn’t have a sample resolution in hand.

Because of that, Reitman said he was OK with the two councilmen not signing this time.

“I do not want that to be the norm,” he said, adding that in the future, dissenters would still sign and their vote would be on the record in that meeting’s minutes.

“One hundred percent of the time when the governing body makes a vote, all sign, regardless of dissension,” he said. “That is the norm and typical operational procedure.”

To do otherwise is “a slippery slope,” he said.

Also during the July work session, City Planning Director Monica Callahan told those present that Parallel Housing had submitted a signed development agreement ahead of its deadline and in compliance with the ordinance.

She said the next step is to get the document to legal, then to attach meeting minutes and a plat. Staff will review it and then the city council will get to look at it.

Those present did receive a draft of the agreement that Parallel Housing submitted but Callahan said staff had not yet looked over it.

In other news: Councilman Joe DiLetto spoke about the need for council members to keep one another informed. Reitman agreed: “A little communication goes a long way;”

A discussion of tourism in residential zones was postponed during the work session because interested parties were unable to attend. Per Councilman Michael Naples, Callahan will arrange a meeting with them to receive their comments;

And members of the city council met immediately following their work session in a special called meeting with their attorney in closed session to discuss pending litigation over Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) funds.

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