Secrets that all dog owners need to know

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Carol Altznauer

Carol Altznauer

Rutledge News

By Carol Altznauer

Cherokee Rose Ranch, the well-kept secret that all dog owners need to know about. Located off of Brownwood Road on Knight Road in Rutledge is a little gravel driveway that winds around until you reach the end, where Steve and Cindy Shell reside with their little haven of animals that they love and care for on a daily basis. Your first hint that this is a ranch of plenty is the goats that reside on the right side of the driveway and often stroll to the other side making you wait as they amber down the driveway. Their champion bloodline German Shepherds are housed on the grounds. Their Siberian Huskies will win your heart as they stare at you and sit in perfect union in their little pen making you wish you could take one home with you. They also raise Shih-tsus which are groomed to perfection by Cindy. If you can’t handle a big dog then the Shih-tsu is a good choice for you.

There is also one horse on the property and a few cats strolling around. Now that you have the picture, what these fine folks do is love animals and they will love yours as well. My Golden Retriever, Misty, cannot get out of the car fast enough when I take her there to stay for a few days. At $18 a night, my little sweetheart can go to camp and I can have fun doing other things. I always know she is happy and well cared for as she never looks back at me when I leave her.

Indian Creek Kennels, home of champion Labrador Retrievers, is owned by Mike and MaryAnn Long, and is located on Hwy. 278 in the Rutledge area. Mike is a professional field trials Retriever trainer and has many awards to his credit. They also take in boarders. My Smokie was a regular there and even knew which kennel was his. Smokie was an aggressive dog and it took some special attention to care for him. MaryAnn and Mike were able to win him over and give me the vacation that I needed without my furry friend. We lost our precious Smokie in June of 2010. The Longs raise Labs and if you watch closely a sign is out by their driveway when they have puppies to sell. These also are very fine caring people who love their dogs and will take good care of yours.

The Humane Society located in Madison is an open adoption center if you are looking for a rescue. A pet is a big commitment but with the help of Indian Creek Kennels and Cherokee Rose Ranch, your summer vacation need not be a problem for you and your pet.

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Concert at the Gazebo will feature music by Kickin’ Bluegrass this Friday, July 19, 2013 at 7 p.m. in downtown Rutledge.

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