Woman arrested after alleged attempt to get contraband to inmate

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Shunise Frenchette Reid

Shunise Frenchette Reid

By Patrick Yost

A woman has been arrested and a jail supervisor has resigned over an alleged attempt to get drugs and tobacco to a prisoner at the Morgan County Detention Center.

According to Capt. Chris Bish, Criminal Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Shunise Frenchette Reid, 21, Madison, was arrested on June 28 and charged with possession of marijuana with an intent to distribute and crossing the guard line with contraband after she allegedly brought a pack of playing cards to the Morgan County Detention Center that attempted to conceal marijuana and tobacco.

Bish alleged that an inmate told Detention Supervisor Corp. Eddie McDaniel that a family member was going to leave two packs of playing cards in the lobby of the detention center for the inmate. Bish said at approximately 10:50 p.m. on June 25 Reid left the cards on the ground near a kiosk that allows family members to place money in inmates accounts. An hour later, Bish said, McDaniel picked up the packs of cards and walked into the secured area of the jail. Bish said McDaniel told investigators that he determined one of the packs of cards contained contraband. He said McDaniel told investigators that he threw away the contaminated pack of cards and allegedly verbally reprimanded the inmate.

Bish said both acts were a direct violation of detention center policy. McDaniel has worked for the sheriff’s office for seven years, Bish said.

He also said that investigators located the contaminated pack of cards in a trash receptacle and that, according to Reid’s statement, not all the contraband was recovered from the trash receptacle. “We did not recover all of what Shunise Reid said was in that package,” he said.

Bish said the sheriff’s office was continuing to investigate the attempt at smuggling contraband into the detention center and that more arrests and charges may result. “This is a top priority investigation.”

Bish said the results of the investigation will be submitted to the district attorney’s office to determine if more charges are warranted.

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