Cardwell breaks state record at meet

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Marlins hold up a sign saying Marlins Love You Allie for Allie Nash. Photo Special

Marlins hold up a sign saying Marlins Love You Allie for Allie Nash. Photo Special

Mary Claire Cardwell exits the pool after a swim. Photo Special

Mary Claire Cardwell exits the pool after a swim. Photo Special


By Nick Nunn

Staff Writer

The Morgan County Marlins swim team competed in the 2013 Georgia Recreation and Park Association Class B/C state swim meet in Tifton last Friday and Saturday. The team posted 24 finishes in the top eight positions. One member of the Marlins, Mary Claire Cardwell, even set a state record in an event.

“The team performed well,” began Marlins Coach Andy Dunston. “We had a few minor mistakes, but they served as excellent learning moments and I think the swimmers who were affected certainly remember those moments the next time around.”

“Everyone who swam not only lived up to my expectations, but exceeded them; not only in the water but in the character they displayed throughout the weekend.”

The most outstanding performance of the weekend was Mary Claire Cardwell’s breaking the state record for the fourth consecutive time in the Girls 13-14 50-yard Backstroke with a time of 28 seconds flat.

“We were expecting her to break the state record, as it was a record she set as a 13-year-old last year,” said Dunston. “Last year when she broke the record it had stood since 1996, and she did it in preliminaries. She broke her then 5-hour-old record again in finals that night. Fast forward to this year, and she broke it again in preliminaries, and then again in finals that night. So, the past four consecutive times she swam that event she has broken the state record.”

Additional top finishers include Smith Cathey, who took first in the Girls 9-10 50-yard Freestyle and third in the Girls 9-10 25-yard Freestyle, and Riley Friesen, who placed second in the Girls 9-10 25-yard Freestyle and Girls 9-10 25-yard Butterfly. A complete list of top-eight finishers is located left.

The team’s accomplishments at the state were marred by the sad events of July 10, when Allie Nash, a member of the Morgan County Marlins, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries after the utility vehicle that she was riding in was struck by a truck.

“The only regret I, the other coaches, or the team has is that Allie Nash, who was planning on swimming at State, could not join us.”

Marlins finishers

Girls 7-8 25-yard Freestyle Sydney Griffith – 6th

Girls 7-8 25-yard Breaststroke Amelia Potter – 5th

Girls 7-8 25-yard Butterfly McKenna Friesen – 6th

Girls 7-8 100-yard Individual Medley Amelia Potter – 4th

Girls 7-8 100-yard Medley Relay Amelia Potter, Aislinn Bellew, McKenna Friesen, and Sydney Griffith – 7th

Boys 7-8 25-yard Freestyle Colton Patterson – 5th

Boys 7-8 25-yard Breaststroke Colton Patterson – 8th

Girls 9-10 25-yard Freestyle Riley Friesen – 2nd

Girls 9-10 25-yard Freestyle Smith Cathey – 3rd Girls 9-10 25-yard Butterfly Riley Friesen – 2nd Girls 9-10 50-yard Freestyle Smith Cathey – 1st

Girls 10 & Under 100-yard Medley Relay Smith Cathey, Addie Kate Robinson, Riley Friesen, and Leah Wall – 6th

Girls 10 & Under 100-yard Freestyle Relay Riley Friesen, Addie Kate Robinson, Leah Wall, and Smith Cathey – 5th Boys 11-12 50-yard Freestyle Hunter Prince – 6th

Boys 11-12 50-yard Butterfly Hunter Prince – 4th Girls 13-14 50-yard Freestyle Mary Claire Cardwell – 1st

Girls 13-14 50-yard Backstroke Mary Claire Cardwell – 1st (state record) Girls 13-14 50-yard Breaststroke Carolina Zant – 5th

Girls 13-14 50-yard Butterfly Carolina Zant – 6th

Girls 13-14 100-yard Freestyle Lauren Bernard – 5th

Girls 13-14 100-yard Individual Medley Lauren Bernard – 7th

Girls 14&Under 200-yard Medley Relay Mary Claire Cardwell, Carolina Zant, Lauren Bernard, and Haylee Prince – 3rd

Boys 13-14 50-yard Freestyle Zac Seymour – 8th

Boys 13-14 50-yard Butterfly Zac Seymour – 5th

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