Columnist returns from trip out West to Colorado to see a graduation

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

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By Betty Moore

I have just returned from Denver. I went with my daughter Linda Moore Kincaid and her husband Bill to see her graduate from the University of Colorado with an Executive MBA degree. While she was in class Thursday and Friday Bill and I went site seeing. We rented a wheel chair at first. If there was any distance to walk he pushed me. The first day we went to the Rockies, which we could see in the distance from Denver. We decided that we needed a small treat and a restroom. We stopped at the Hard Rock Café in Empire. This was not only a restaurant but also a police station and everything else. When we got there I spotted a berry cobbler that looked good with vanilla ice cream. While we were there the waiter talked with us some. He had been in Georgia before. I enjoyed the conversation and the place. We left there to go somewhere else to another town to be closer in the Rocky Mountains.

After some miles we came upon a cleared place. It seemed to be a good place to take pictures and for it to be a good view of the mountains. When we stopped we could see the sign that read, “Continental Divide.” Excitedly we got out of the car to see the sign. We saw several people that were there looking too. Bill took several pictures of me that a few of you have already. Linda posted them on her Face book. There was a log cabin there that was being painted. I thought there might be some brochures that I might be able to get that were interesting. There was nothing in there. We were so thrilled to see the Continental Divide.

We knew that all of the water on one side went to the Atlantic Ocean. All of the water on the opposite side went to the Pacific Ocean. The snow-capped mountain water run-off provides the water for the division. There is not much rain at all. I believe that Denver had five inches of rain for the year; compared to us we’ve had so much. I don’t have the amount.

I am very sleepy. I plan to jump ahead to a funny part on the way home on the plane. Another time I will tell some other events and please save your news for me until next week.

We found out while we were having breakfast on Sunday that there was a delay at the airport in Atlanta due to bad weather. We returned the wheelchair and started for the airport. We waited at least an hour. Finally when it was boarding time one of the officials took my chair and pushed me all the way to the door of the plane. Each time that we had to go through being checked I had to be rushed right through. It thrilled Linda and Bill. When we first were in the return plane I heard this stewardess talking, just with such a soft, southern accent; but just like what my ears hear around me in the grocery store wherever I go. I asked Bill to ask her where she was from when she came by with drinks and chips. She said Lake Oconee area. I laughed and told her that I was, too.We found out that her name is Dean Griffin. She has two sons Joshua and Christopher and as a matter of fact she taught at Morgan County Primary School for 11 years. She is attractive and very nice. It was such a pleasure to meet her and such a coincidence! I hope to talk to her more! More next week.


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