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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

Union Springs News

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs. We have several events coming up so mark your calendars. There will be a blessing waiting on you at each one: Ushers 19th Anniversary Celebration, July 28 at 10 a.m.; Revival 2013, Aug. 5-9, at 7:30 nightly; and Homecoming/Family and Friends Day, Aug. 11 at 10 a.m.

Have you ever wondered what the formula for Christian success is? Regardless of your answer I am going to share with you the truth. During Wednesday’s Bible Study Pastor Terrell told us that the way to success is to meditate upon the Word of God at all times! We need to be totally saturated.

Meditation requires reading and memorizing God’s Word. We do this by rehearsing words and thoughts over and over until you understand how they apply to your life. In other words you concentrate your mind on those things that will aid hearing from the Lord.

Shhhhhhhh! Be quiet, listen! After you pray be quiet and listen. After your devotional period be quiet and listen. After you read your Bible, be quiet and listen. After you hear a song that ministers to your heart be quiet and listen.

This is all a part of meditation. Just as the Law went into the Art of the Covenant or the temple today we place it into our bodies or the temple by meditation. This is not just what Pastor T. says, the Good Book says it too. Joshua 1:8 states, “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success.” If the Bible says it then it has to be true. Book. Chapter. Verse.

Saturday, July 19 our Nursing Home Ministry was very spiritual and great praises to God from where all blessings come from. Presiding was Mother Ruby Rainwater, opening song Evangelist Lizzie Stokes, prayer Sis. Tammie Merritt, scripture Mother Doris Shepherd, Song Sis. Hazel Lunceford, reading Mother Mary Weaver, poem Sis. Willie Ann Johnson, The Word, Evangelist Stokes, “Psalm 121, “Help is on the Way.” Job well done. Evangelist Stokes everyone enjoyed the message. Closing remarks were by Dea. Delane Anderson of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Our Nursing Home Ministry is where we all can get through it together by praising and worship God.

Moving on to Sunday’s message Rev. Terrell gave us a life-changing sermon, which was based on II Samuel 9:1-8. In these passages David remembers and honors the covenant that he made with Saul’s son Jonathan to keep those of his family. The person that remained was Mephibosheth whose name means one who destroys shame. This man was also lame due to a fall that he had when his nurse fled with him when he was five years old. Nonetheless David vowed that he would “eat bread at my table continually.” So for the rest of his life Mephibosheth was “shown the kindness of God” although he did not feel worthy to be honored in such a way.

There is a life application message for us these verses. Often people don’t serve in the church because of shame. We think about past mistakes and let them hinder us from serving the Lord. Because we feel as if our pat has made us lame we are idle.

Just as David told Mephibosheth he could eat at his table, God has prepared for us a table in the presence of our enemies therefore the guilt is over. The shame is over. As Pastor T stated don’t let any one hold you back from sitting at the King’s table. Be quiet. Listen. Meditate on this. God has you covered! Glory be to God!


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