Family of artist Jackson Bailey cites inaccuracies in June 27 Rutledge column, “Jackson Bailey: Simple man with a big vision”

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To the Editor:

The family of Jackson Bailey requests the following corrections to your article of June 27, 2013.

Jackson Bailey did not meet his future wife, Beverly, in 1968. She was contracted to work for him in 1969. Her name was Beverly Williams and at the time was married. The couple could not have possibly “fell madly in love” at this time as they did not meet until 1969. Beverly Williams never held title of “Chief of Staff and Artist Assistant.” The “Life of Christ” painting never found its permanent home in Rutledge. In fact the painting has never been on the property. Inviting the public to view the “Life of Christ” painting in Rutledge is deceptive at the least. The painting is not owned by The Jackson Bailey Art Center, nor is it associated with it in any way. The “Life of Christ” painting is owned by The Life of Christ Museum, Inc. The “Life of Christ” painting would not fit in any building on the property. A tour of the Jackson Bailey Art Center is not a good reason to visit Rutledge, as this center is a non-licensed, non-handicapped accessible business that does not accurately represent Jackson Bailey nor “The Life of Christ” painting.

Learn more about the “Life of Christ” painting at our website, Jackson Bailey III Monroe Via e-mail

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