Fellowship: Four members of the MCHS football team discuss recent FCA camp

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Garrett Bone, Junior

Garrett Bone, Junior

Tevin Waller, Senior

Tevin Waller, Senior

Sam Couch, Soph.

Sam Couch, Sophomore

Trey Chapman, Soph.

Trey Chapman, Sophomore



By Nick Nunn

Staff Writer

Tired and still sweating immediately after the end of Monday morning’s two-hour weight training and practice session, Garrett Bone, Trey Chapman, Sam Couch and Tevin Waller set aside a few minutes to relax in the coach’s office of the fieldhouse and discuss this year’s FCA camp, which took place at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro on July 15-17.

After leaving that Monday morning for Statesboro, the athletes fell into the routine of the camp quickly, although the weather played havoc on the schedule, canceling some of the games during the first two days.

Tevin Waller, senior, described the standard regiment of the camp, beginning first thing in the morning. “We wake up, got to breakfast, then we got to practice – they call it a competition – and then we come back, take a shower, go to lunch, go right back out to practice, then we come back, take a shower, go to dinner then we go to worship service,” explained Waller.

Trey Chapman, sophomore, added that there were four games per practice session. Waller also noted that the camp has grown from only eight teams in attendance last year, to more than a dozen this year, including Cook County, Flowery Branch, Monticello, Jackson County, and Washington-Wilkes: “the old rival,” as Chapman described them.

Sophomore Sam Couch, cited the increased number of teams to the fact that there was “a lot better competition” at the camp this year.

Garrett Bone, junior, described the worship services that took place during the camp, adding that there were also morning worship services.

“In the morning, we had more of like a Bible study thing, but the coachers weren’t in there,” began Bone. “During the evening services, there would always be a guest speaker. We had a lot of singing.”

“We can sing!” assured Chapman, eliciting a round of laughter in the room.

Although Waller stated that the experience of the camp gave the athletes a good chance to spend more time together, he said that he feels that, “we’re already close as a team.”

Chapman added that, “we’re all buddies, but we got closer to some of the other people [on the team] because we didn’t pick our own roommates.”

The athletes slept four to a room during the camp, grouped mainly with others from Morgan County with similar positions.

Turning toward the quickly-approaching season, all four athletes expressed their excitement and anticipation. “It can’t come quick enough,” said Bone. Referring to the home scrimmage game coming up on Aug. 15 against the Jefferson Dragons, Waller commented that,

“I think we can still get better, but I think we are ready for them.”

“This year we’re going to have footage of them,” said Chapman about Jefferson. “Last year, we didn’t.”

Bone addressed the feelings of the team, now that they are facing the beginning of a new season.

Remembering the successes of last season, Bone hopes that that this year’s team will be able to take the achievements of last year and build upon them anew.

“I feel like we are following in their footsteps, but trying to go beyond what they did,” said Bone. “We haven’t changed a whole lot, we’re just trying to go above and beyond.”

Bulldog Football Schedule

August 30 / Monticello at Monticello High School (Monticello)

September 6 / Greene County at Morgan County High School

September 13 / Putnam County at Morgan County High School

September 27 / Oconee County at Oconee County High School (Watkinsville)

October 4 / North Oconee at Morgan County High School

October 11 / Elbert County at Elbert County High School (Elberton)

October 18 / East Jackson at Morgan County High School

October 25 / Franklin County at Franklin County High School (Carnesville)

November 1 / Hart County at Morgan County High School

November 8 / Jackson County at Jackson County High School (Jefferson)

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