Writer believes columnist betrays political values with Trayvon Martin commentary

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To the Editor:

A libertarian is a person who espouses freedom especially when it concerns one’s thoughts or deeds. Free will is the essence of a libertarian. In the July 18 edition of the Citizen, self-proclaimed libertarian, Greg Morin, criticized the leaders of the black community. He characterized them as “race baiters” for their response to the not guilty verdict for the defendant in the death Trayvon Martin. Morin described the leaders as “self-appointed,” as indicative of their lack of credibility or validity. However one feels about the verdict for the defendant in the death of Trayvon Martin, Morin’s trek into the leadership of the black community betrays the principles of his so-called libertarian values. A true libertarian would have no interest in the leadership of a community, self-appointed or not self-appointed. The black community does not need any paternalistic advice from Greg Morin. We have the “free will” to choose our leaders, whether they are self-appointed or not. Morin should adhere to the principles of his libertarian values and mind his own business. The black community does not tell him how to run his business. He should keep his nose out of our business.

Mrs. Robert F. Jackson Madison Via e-mail

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