Calling “Mama” on trip west to Colorado

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

Buckhead News

By Betty Moore

I was shocked today to learn of the death of Jimmy Alford of Eatonton. I had known him all of his life. At one point we lived next door to he and his family As a matter of fact his mother was my mother’s first cousin. I send my sympathy to the family. Any of the Harper families in the county were kin to him I presume because his mother was a Harper.

The Buckhead Baptist Church sold the parsonage and there is a new resident there. I do not have the name, but welcome to Buckhead.

Frieda White went to Atlanta to cat-sit while Christie went to Nashville on business.

Beatrice Smith’s daughter Linda has been in the hospital and will be having surgery soon.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having Sunday school rooms built onto the fellowship hall. There was need for more space with the spread of God’s work.

George and Laura Lohr have returned home after spending time in Colorado with Elizabeth and her family. They had an enjoyable time.

Wrestling will be at the fire department on August 10. Tickets for adults will be $8 and $4 for children. One dollar of each ticket goes to the fire department. Come on out and enjoy yourself and help the fire department.

Anyone that is interested in the study of the book of Revelations in the Bible should come out to Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on Wednesday night at 7p.m. The study has just begun. Since I don’t have much news I will tell you more about my trip out west to Denver. Bill, my son-in-law was right on hand to help me every time I stepped from the car or hotel or restaurant or wherever we were. He took me by the hand to help me walk or to help me in the wheelchair. There was no way that I could have fallen. Of course I did have to go the bathroom. He didn’t go there with me, but all other times he was protecting me.

When we were in restaurants or wherever he and Linda were calling me “Mama.” Pretty soon the waitresses or whoever was calling me “Mama” also. Bill would get the guy at the hotel to bring our car around. They had a good time laughing with Bill calling him “Danny Boy.” I was Mama to him. It’s so funny to be called “Mama” by so many people that I didn’t know but it was all right. I think that they wanted to hear the old southern white-haired woman talk to hear my accent.

I want to wish a happy anniversary to Jim and Sylvia Moon on Sunday, July 28. It was their 23rd anniversary.

Congratulations to Jay Moon for winning second in the 4-H Dairy Science Judging. They met at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta.

Happy birthday to Leon Williams!

When we were out west we had graduation in a beautiful old chapel. There was a long ramp on the outside of the building. I guess that I was hard to push up the ramp. Anyway there was the program and everyone wanted to get outside to see all of the graduates throw their caps. It was very steep upward, as well as downward on the ramp. Bill got me out of the door to go downward after the program. There was a woman on a walking cane that seemed to be barely moving. I was afraid that we might run over her if we got to going fast. The ramp was not wide enough for all of us to be going the same way. I told him to slow down but it was as if he could not hold back. I was holding back with my feet as if that would help like a back seat driver. I explained to him that we were going to hit her. He slowed down very much and before we caught her, she stepped aside. We went rumbling by. But we still did not get there in time to see the full readiness of the pictures being taken of the Executive MBA Class of 2013, University of Colorado with medical background. But we do have some pretty good pictures there from other places and from the study group that was assigned to her. When there were certain assignments the study group worked together on it. That was more helpful. The members made perhaps friendships to last them through the years.

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