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Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn

By Nick Nunn

You may have noticed, but my byline has been venturing out beyond the comfortable confines of the “B” section during the past couple of weeks. In case you haven’t noticed, I am now the Citizen’s news writer as well.

The reactions that I’ve received from people when they find out that I’m the new news writer basically boil down to two responses:

(1) Are you still going to do sports?

(2) Oh, you are the sports writer for the Citizen?

My response to both question has been “yes,” but typically, after receiving the latter question, there’s a little grimace that I try to hide.

Oh well… my face has only been right here with my column on the front of the sports section for the last several months.

But, yes, I am going to attempt to daunting challenge of taking on both civic and athletic topics – along with help from the rest of the Citizen staff – for the time being.

Since school sports will provide enough content to fill the allotted space, there may not be a column every week like there has been recently, and we’ll also conclude the “Hey, Coach!” pieces, which were only meant for the summer, in the next couple of weeks. My apologies to any coaches we didn’t get to.

Along with the new job, we’ve got a brand new school year bearing down on us like a train.

The first day for official practices will be today, Aug. 1; softball, volleyball, and cheerleading will be preparing hastily for their seasons, and today is the first day of football practice in full pads.

For these teams, however, there isn’t any summer rust to be shaken off.

The softball team competed at the Dan Davis invitational last week, showing itself to be in good form for the beginning of the 2013 season, winning four of their five games in a two-day period.

This week, the volleyball team spent three days at home for a volleyball camp, keeping their eyes trained above the net from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

After a couple of cheerleading camps during the summer, with the Kiddie Camp being the latest, the cheerleaders are surely ready for both spirit and competition season.

And football…

Well, football hasn’t really stopped since spring practices, but the heat is on now that the scrimmage game against the Jefferson Dragons on Aug. 15 is only two weeks away.

Unlike last year, the scrimmage game will take place at the Morgan County High School, and, ready to test their summer strength, the members of the Bulldogs are looking forward to a chance to see the Dragons again after last years’ pre-season match up.

In the next couple of weeks, expect to see the final stages of preparation for all of these teams here in the Citizen’s sport pages.

Also, in the Aug. 22 edition, the Citizen will print its yearly football insert, which will outline the entire coming 2013, as well as delivering an inside look at what goes on in the minds of the coaches and just what takes place from one Friday night to the next.

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