Access to the polls is easy due to absentee ballots, free rides

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To the Editor:

Having attended both public meetings of the Board of Elections and Registration, I too have a few comments.

Comments made that $19,000 to $35,000 in savings are insignificant sounds like Washington speaking. Detractors said the Board had not been asked by the Commissioners to reduce expenses. Since when do public officials have to be asked to be fiscally responsible?

Some attendees claimed that some voters would be unable to, or hampered in voting due to the elimination of some polling places. One can actually vote in person up to 21 days before Election Day. One Saturday is also available and an additional Saturday is being discussed. Most important, no-excuse absentee voting is available. Call the Board of Elections office at 706-342-2508. Ballots can be requested up to 180 days before Election Day and submitted up to 45 days prior to Election Day. Simply fill out the ballot and mail it back as early as 45 days prior to election. Simply easy and available to all.

Additionally, the Commissioners have made available free transportation to the polls on Election Day. Normally voters need to vote only twice a year. The voters make many trips to Walmart, Ingles, doctors, etc. many times a month. Just plan to stop at the BOE and vote during one of these trips to town. Over 50 percent of Morgan voters already vote early.

After hearing the Board’s proposal and solutions one could ask: Are the complainers merely using this as a political ploy.

Shirlee Moore



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