Biz Buzz: Vampires and werewolves in Madison!

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Keith Rex relaxes in his fourth new Madison shop, Jacks & Kings, a men's consignment store, which is slated to open Sept. 8. Photo by Dianne Yost

Keith Rex relaxes in his fourth new Madison shop, Jacks & Kings, a men’s consignment store, which is slated to open Sept. 8. Photo by Dianne Yost

Biz Buzz

By Dianne Lively Yost

Twilight has come and gone heralding in the darkest dark and the creatures that thrive therein. Lord have mercy! Listen at Elvis, the horse in that barn! He’s flat havin’ a neighin’, kickin’, stompin’ fit! Momma let’s whip some you-know-what! Nobody or nothing messes with Elvis and gets away with it! Check list: White lightenin. Check! Wooden stake and pistol with silver bullets? Check! Flashlight? Check! Perf! Let’s find out what’s got Elvis riled up! Let’s sing a little tune while we walk: “Ain’t no booger man out tonight; Pawpaw killed them all last night! Ain’t no booger man out . . .” Momma! It’s one of them sharp-fanged, blood suckin’ vampires! SHASTA! He’s with one of them hairy, howlin’ Werewolfs! Momma you get the vampire and I’ll take the rascal werewolf! ROAR! GROWLLLLL! POW! CLUMP! Momma . . . We’re done here. Let’s ride!

In fact let’s head over to Ricardo’s Kouzzina, located at 271 West Washington Street in Madison, cause they’ve got their pourin’ license! I’m talkin’ the bar’s open! A big night of vampire and werewolf fightin’ means double martinis!

Y’all keep your eyes peeled ‘cause vampires, witches and werewolfs are all over Madison! They’re filmin’ another one of them vampire shows called “The Originals,” a spinoff of the Vampire Diaries! So the production company is Bonanza Productions and they’re filmin’ at Oak House on Dixie Avenue usually at dark when the vampires are out! The Bonanza Productions company has “base camp” at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center’s parkin’ lot! Watch out or you’ll get bit!

Speakin’ of being bit! I’m gettin’ bit by the Shop Local Bug! That’s right! A brand spankin’ new shop is gonna open soon! It’s called Jacks & Kings – A Man’s Game – Consignments! And, it’s owned by none other than that famous, good lookin’, multi-shop owner Keith Rex! I can’t believe how cool this shop is! Keith has fixed a big shoppin’ problem: bored husbands! Now they’ve got their own place to shop, located at 125 West Washington Street in Madison right next to Scoops! OK so Keith plans to stock his new shop with everything a man cave would need! Pocket knives, baseball cards, collectables, cool masculine furniture, accessories, clothing and MORE! Keith says the shop will open around Sept. 8 so keep watchin’ the Buzz for more intel!

We’re all outta space! Be sweet! Shop local! Do business local! Buy something nice for Momma! And, remember: You’re all invited back next week to this locality to have a heapin’ helpin’ of Citizen hospitality. Biz Buzz that is. Take your shoes off. Set a while. Y’all come back now ya’ hear?

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