Heavy fog in August foretells winter’s first frost in October

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

TriBee News

By Rachel Harper

I have been told that on this past Saturday, August 3, there was a heavy fog here on Baldwin Dairy Road.  It was gone by the time I got up, so it must have burned off fairly quick.  But that means that on or about October 3 we will have our first frost, which is early.  Mark it down!   We will see what comes to pass.

The Cronic and Porter families were saddened this past week when one of the Cronic sisters, Nell Porter, passed away after an extended illness.  She had turned 85 this past April.  A beautiful homegoing service was held on Saturday at Bethany Baptist Church.  Her son-in-law, Rev. Steve Craig, the husband of Sarah Nell, gave a beautiful eulogy honoring his mother-in-law, where he told of many memories that the family had of growing up on Porter Road and that the grandchildren had of spending time with their grandmother.  She would have loved the service her family planned as her grandsons were her pallbearers and her grandchildren and other family members provided the music.  They truly honored her.   She loved her family and enjoyed cooking and doing things with and  for them.  Nothing made her happier.  I have told before of what a wonderful cook she was.  When her children grew up and married and they would come back home for a visit, and especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Aunt Nell would cook weeks beforehand making casseroles and other dishes and then putting them in the freezer so she could just pull them out to have when the all of her brood got there.   She knew, as you and I know, that it is hard to cook with a houseful of people.  I would be in awe of her planning and what all she could get done.  She also enjoyed cooking for other company and if she heard of a neighbor or relative that was sick or in need, you could be sure she would be taking them something.  She gave me cooking lessons on cooking creamed corn, caramel cake and other dishes through the years.  She was not afraid of hard work; she worked at Thurmond Manufacturing (the sewing plant) for many years, as did many, many other women in those days.  She would get up and cook breakfast, cook something for lunch to leave the menfolks at the farm, and also get something started for supper that night for their family of six as she wouldn’t get in until after 5 p.m. from the plant.  In those days, there were no fast food places to fall back on for a meal, and there certainly wasn’t any extra money for that if there was such a place.  Later, she and Uncle Bill built chicken houses (layers) and there were lots and lots of eggs to pick up twice a day.  After they quit doing chickens she worked at various places in order to have some extra money.  She cooked and kept busy until she just couldn’t anymore.  She is survived by Julia Gay and Joe Sabbadino of Greenville, SC., Dan and Sally Porter, Sarah Nell and Steve Craig, and Janice and Chuck Philippi, all of Buckhead and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She is also survived by two sisters, Blanche Wilson and Frances Brewer.  She was a wonderful mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, and aunt.  She will be greatly missed.

The Trinity Baptist Church family provided a wonderful meal for the family and guests after the service. They did a wonderful job and it was much appreciated.

We also extend our deepest sympathy to Luan Hardman and her family upon the death of her father, Howard Pickett, on last Wednesday morning.  He had been in declining health for quite some time.  He was a devoted father and he loved his church and was always looking for ways to serve his Lord.  He also enjoyed singing.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family at this time.  Our thoughts and prayers are also with the family of Mrs. Lorene Jordan who passed away on last Friday after an extended illness.  She and her husband, Robert ran a dairy on Baldwin Dairy Road several years ago.  They had three daughters, Debbie and Charles McClain, Robbie and Janet Jordan, who all live in the Bethany community.  She loved her family and enjoyed going and dong things with them as long as she was able.  Both of these people will be greatly missed also.

We need to continue to pray unceasingly for several in our community battling health issues.  Dean Strange continues to be a patient at St. Joseph’s in Atlanta where he is fighting a courageous and hard battle.  Allie Nash has been moved to Scottish Rite where they are beginning occupational and physical therapy.  She has also been fitted with a wheelchair and her mother got to take her outside over the weekend.  We are so thankful that she has made it to this next step in her journey.  Many prayers are needed and appreciated for these two young people and their caretakers.  Our Cronic cousin, Bunnie Schmitt, also had to be admitted to Athens Regional this past week with an infection in her arm.  They  have now pinpointed it as a staph infection.  She will hopefully be able to come home soon.

Jake Harris from Texas is visiting his grandparents, Tommy and Raynor Cathey for a few weeks until his school starts out there.

Jack and Joann Cathey are enjoying having their grandson, Charles Smith, visit them for a several days until his school starts.

Johnny and Penny Messer, Katelyn and J. R. entertained at a family cookout at their home on Sunday evening a week ago in honor of Jimmy and Evelyn Bone’s 51st anniversary and Jimmy’s birthday on July 28 and for Johnny’s mother, Jackie Messer, who had a birthday on July 29.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday to all of these!

Jack and Karen Lindsey enjoyed this past weekend by traveling down to Brunswick and Sapelo Island.

Effie and Rose Powell of Italy have arrived here to spend several weeks with homefolks and friends.  We are glad to see them!

Chip Porter with his boys recently traveled down to St. Augustine, Fla. where they enjoyed some deep sea fishing on “The Jodie Lynn” a deep sea fishing boat which is run by Robert Johnson who is married to the former Jodie Lynn McGinnis.  Hope they had some good luck!

Bruce and Rachel Harper, the Mark Wilkin’s, Jennifer Bonner, and Marty and Connie Wilson enjoyed having Sunday lunch with Blanche and Jake Wilson.

John and Sally Hensley had as their guests for dinner last Tuesday evening; Chad, Holly, Hayden and Henry Roling and China, Matt Hensley, along with Rebecca, Christopher and Colton Morgan. They all enjoyed their time together before China went back to her dad’s in New Jersey.

On Saturday, John and Sally Hensley helped move Matt and Hannah Hensley into their apartment in Macon.  This was Matt’s regular weekend of Reserve Training.  Hannah will begin law school at Mercer this week and Matt will commute to his duties in Monroe at the Walton County Jail.

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