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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

Union Springs News

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs! There is truly more excitement in the air now that revival 2013 is here! There’s still time for you to join us this week. We will meet nightly at 7:30. If by chance you miss Revival I will be sure to update you on all that transpires.

Aris Hubbard made it back from the national meet in North Carolina and we all agree that she and her teammates did very well. Although they did not place in the meets, it was reported to me that their times this year were better than last year. Also completing at this level is great exposure for these young ladies! We need to keep in mind that just to be selected to participate on this level is quite an honor. They are true champions. Let’s continue supporting our youth!

During Wednesday’s Bible Study, Pastor Terrell gave us definitive answers to any questions concerning the Ark of the Covenant. The key to grasping all of the meaning of this sacred chest is this point. He stated that to understand the Ark of the Covenant you need to understand “Shadows and Types.”

A rule of theology is that in our study we do not use shadows and types to establish doctrine but rather to illustrate and teach doctrine that is already in place. In other words it confirms those ideas, which are already established by the scriptures.

Pastor Terrell ended the class with a simple demonstration showing that the number nine means birthing in the natural and in the spiritual. We tested this concept by multiplying various numbers by the number nine. In each case the answers to each equation equaled nine. (For example multiply 9 x 125 = 225. 2 + 2+2 = 9. Try this for yourself) This is the natural way of explaining this phenomenon. In the spiritual the seed is always within itself. You can’t destroy the seed! This exercise emphasized that we are not proving the Bible but confirming it. Thanks Pastor T. for all of our great teaching!

Sunday morning we had two christenings. One was for Young Master Bobby Ahmad Harden. His parents are Bobby and Patrice Harden of Eatonton. The other was Little Miss Kayleigh Mackenzie Russell from the Russell and Boswell families. How wonderful that these families had the desire to dedicate these babies back to the Lord.

We also welcome back Staff Sergeant Quintavious Stephens from Eatonton. He is home from Iraq and is stationed in Valdosta. Thanks SSGT Stephens for protecting our freedom!

For all that signed up we had our annual Back To School Give-a-way. The ladies in charge of this event made sure that the students were well equipped with loads of school supplies and clothes. All of our youth need to begin school well prepared for the journey.

Now for the good stuff. Rev. Terrell’s sermon Sunday was another life-changing message. Our job is to put it to practical use as we go forward in life.

The morning text came from I Kings 17:8-16 and we looked at Elijah when he was sent Zarephath by the Lord. The woman he was sent to meet was in dire straits as she declared, “As the Lord they God liveth, I have not a cake, but a little oil in a cruse; and behold I am gathering two sticks, that I may go in and dress it for me and my son, that we may eat it and die.” As she saw it this was to be the last of her food. She was looking at her circumstances through her own eyes and not those of God’s.

The first sign of God working out her situation is her obedience in verse 11 when she went to get water for Elijah. However in verse 12 she began to look at her plight. The woman was in line for a blessing but she didn’t realize it. Pastor Terrell stated that God is looking for those that are obedient to Him to bless. When she was obedient to Elijah, she was being obedient to God.

To see how her circumstances looked to God we only need to read verse 14. The man of God saw that, “The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the curse of oil fail.” Sometimes we need to hear it from the man of God. Although it is spoken by the man of God, the Word is from the Lord. If we are obedient He will change our circumstances.

Now, here is an example of shadow and types. The woman represented Mary and her son Jesus. The two sticks represented the Cross and her meal, the Last Supper. Everything in the Bible points to Christ! When Pastor Terrell told us this the congregation could do nothing but praise the Lord! Can you change your situation by looking through the eyes of God? Glory Be To God!

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