Madison launches crosswalk campaign

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By Dianne Lively Yost

Staff Writer

The City of Madison Advisory Board is launching a Crosswalk Awareness Campaign designed to encourage pedestrians to use the City of Madison’s downtown crosswalks and to urge drivers to stop at crosswalks for adults and children.

“Our crosswalks are here for a reason: To keep people safe. It’s not just common courtesy. It’s the law,” said Ann Huff, City of Madison Main Street Director. “Many drivers don’t realize that a ticket for failing to allow a pedestrian to cross the street in a crosswalk will cost them more than $200!” To build awareness for crosswalk safety, the city has developed fliers that will be distributed to pedestrians and motorists through a variety of venues such as bank drive through tellers, retail and restaurant locations, tourist points and more. The city’s monthly newsletter also will remind citizens to do their part to ensure crosswalk safety.

“We also plan to work with our school system, day care centers, pre-schools and churches in a variety of ways to educate our children and their parents about the importance of crosswalk safety as well,” she said.

Specifically, the flyer encourages motorists to slow down and look for pedestrians in downtown Madison. “We are a top tourist destination and Madison’s downtown is designed to be pedestrian friendly. Drivers should expect to see people walking in our crosswalks at all times,” Huff said.

The flyer also warns pedestrians to use the crosswalks and to avoid jaywalking. “When a driver stops unexpectedly it can cause an accident,” Huff explained.

Huff said that as of now, The City of Madison Police Department is paying close attention to our crosswalks, watching drivers and pedestrians closely to ensure the laws are being followed,” said Huff.

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