Man attempts to fleece Madison auto parts store: Suspect busted with careful records of returns made to O’Reilly Auto Parts

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By Patrick Yost


A Riverdale man faces several criminal charges after he allegedly attempted to return stolen merchandise to a Madison O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Troy Durham Wise, 42, was arrested on July 26 at approximately 6:20 p.m. after an employee at the store on Eatonton Road alerted police that a man in the store was attempting to return merchandise that had allegedly been stolen from another O’Reilly’s location.

Reports state that an officer observed the man attempting to leave the store’s parking lot in a black Chrysler Sebring with a temporary tag. The officer noted that the vehicle initially signaled to turn onto Eatonton Highway but, after the officer arrived, turned instead on Micha Way. The officer then attempted to make a traffic stop but, reports state, the vehicle accelerated and turned into the entrance of Orchard Grove Apartments where it stopped.

Initially, reports state, Wise allegedly offered officers a fake Florida driver’s license. Officers located tools and “a large amount of merchandise” in the vehicle after Wise was detained. They also found a stack of O’Reilly Auto Parts return slips “from O’Reilly stores all over the region.” A legal pad with names, dates and locations of “what appear to be returns made to O’Reilly stores,” was found in the vehicle. A second legal pad detailing dates, values, returned items and items that had been picked up was also found in the vehicle.

Reports state that five unidentified pills and a suspected marijuana grinder were found in the vehicle along with the driver’s license and debit card of a man who told police his wallet had been stolen at an O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store in Winder.

Reports state that Wise told detention workers that he had misrepresented his name to officers. Officers then ran his name through the Georgia Crime Information Computer and discovered that Wise’s license was suspended.

He was initially charged with shoplifting, giving false name and possession of stolen property. A woman and two small children in the vehicle were released.

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