Mayor Gilbert wants out, Perriman wants in

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Fred Perriman

Fred Perriman

By Patrick Yost


Madison Mayor Bruce Gilbert said Tuesday that he would not seek another term.

The announcement came on the heels of current Madison Mayor Pro Tem Fred Perriman stating that he would seek the position.

Perriman, 65, has been a 30-year Madison City Council member. Gilbert, 67, has served as Madison’s mayor for 20 total years and as a city council member for 15 years.

“Things have changed,” said Gilbert. “I won’t miss the bickering but I will miss the camaraderie, I’ll miss being a part of making decisions that make things better for Madison citizens.”

Perriman said he would focus his campaign platform on providing a business-friendly community. “Businesses pay taxes and provide employment. There are still vacant business fronts in our downtown area. We need to actively promote 100 percent business occupancy downtown.”

Perriman also said that he would focus his efforts on promoting a safe community.

“I want to continue to help lead the city in a positive direction. In the city of Madison the people are coming together.”

Perriman is an ordained Baptist minister and is married with three grown children.

“As mayor I will conduct business in a fair and equitable manner with the best interests of Madison at heart. We are entering a transition period and must adapt to change as more and more people make Madison their home.”

Gilbert praised Madison employees for “making our job easy.”

“Your employees make you look good. Those are the people we depend on daily.”

He also said he took great pride in visiting other towns and state–wide municipal government meetings and telling peers he was from Madison. “Everybody always says, ‘We love to come to Madison.’ ”

“I appreciate the trust the people of Madison had in me. I’ve enjoyed it.”

Qualifying is set to end for city of Madison elections at noon on August 30.

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