Parents are key to child’s success in school

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To the Editor:

I feel the need to address the issue of schools meeting the needs of students. As an example I will cite Avery Jackson. I taught Avery in 1968-69. He was a wonderful student and a joy to teach. I wish as a teacher I could claim credit for his success as an adult. But the truth is that most of it was due to the support and reinforcement of his parents Kate and Robert Jackson. They helped and encouraged him every day and he was always prepared. I remember one day he forgot a book needed for homework and they brought him back to get it. He did not forget again.

I taught private piano lessons for many years. One teacher, one pupil at a time. No matter how well they learned the pieces in their lesson if they did not go home and practice the next lesson they had made little progress. Public school teachers have 20 to 30 students at all different stages of learning and motivation How can parents expect students to excel if they do not reinforce at home?

Just as churches cannot teach moral values if they are not acted out at home, the love of learning must be nurtured at home. Ultimately it is the parents’ responsibility to reinforce the school’s instruction. Don’t send children to their room to do homework but go with them and let them realize how important it is to you that they do well. A parent once told me her child would not turn off the TV. Now it would be the computer of electronic game. But you are the parent and can monitor their study habits. Show them that you care and praise them when they are successful.

We can blame the school system for failing to meet the needs of our children but we are just shifting the blame because we do not want the responsibly. If you care for your child’s success get busy and help the schools – not find fault with them.

Gail Howell Wade

Former Morgan County teacher



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