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To the Editor:

In 2010 Gov. Nathan Deal, then a congressman, resigned from the U.S. House under an alleged ethics violation. Deal was allegedly using his “influence” with Georgia state officials to secure exclusively the state’s salvage vehicles for his salvage business. This questionable practice and Deal’s large business debt were becoming potentially legal and political problems for him as he prepared to run for governor following his resignation from the U.S. House. A company, by the name of Copart, bought Deal’s company, thus relieving Deal of the legal and political problems related to his business. However, Copart, owes the state of Georgia $74 million in disputed Georgia sales taxes. This begs the question, did Copart buy Deal’s company for the governor to use his influence to get Copart “tax relief?” Governor Deal claims that he is a man of integrity. If this is true, then Governor Deal needs to explain fully his questionable business practices and his suspicious relationship to the company that bought his salvage business.

Mrs. Robert F. Jackson


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