“Racism and problems in the black community are not the same thing”

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To the Editor:

Racists and people with racist attitudes should never include themselves in any discussion on race. Mr. Morin’s article on the 18th of July absolutely proves why. Here’s a man who has done nothing but trash our black president the last five years. He constantly adds his voice to the choir of professional dissenters of conservative and libertarian syndics and race barriers who’ve done nothing but divide this country along the lives of race, class and politics. Yet he’s complaining about racial overtones with the Zimmerman trial. And just like a lot of white people out there who never spent a day being black he feels like he’s in a position to tell blacks when something is racial and when it’s not. If you let people like Mr. Morin tell the story racism is just a figment of black people’s immigration. Slavery wasn’t about racism it was about economy. Lynching and hanging weren’t about racism either. They were just misunderstandings between blacks and whites.

From Jim Crow to Travon Martin there are millions of overt and covert acts of discrimination and racism against blacks everyday, yet you always have some white person down playing the racism and blaming problems in the black community for their racism. But we shouldn’t be listening to the rapists should we?

We should be listening to the victims. After all the rapist will always say it was their fault they got raped. Not this time!

Chris Murray



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