Rutledge: It’s like taking a step back in time

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By Donna Myers

Taking my pen in hand is the direct result of a request from Joellen Artz to write a few words about what it’s like to be a transplant to the state of Georgia. My name is Donna Myers and my husband Dennis and I relocated to Georgia last October after residing in northern Indiana for 65 years. We wanted to escape the northern winters and had a daughter and son-in-law plus two grandchildren located in Greensboro. Our son-in-law is a realtor and suggested we might like Madison. He was so right; we love it! While I was searching for a chiropractor someone recommended Dr. Michael Hughes located in a place called Rutledge. As I drove down Fairplay Road from our home on Beaver Dam Road just outside of Bostwick, I was impressed by the beautiful lay of the land. Then I drove through Hard Labor Creek State Park and enjoyed fall foliage. Then all of a sudden there was Rutledge – so small, but as I later discovered, so special. It’s like taking a step back to a less hurried and much kinder world where people are not in such a rush. What a breath of fresh air! Then I discovered The Caboose – what a find! Then Neighbors Grocery – I love it – grass fed beef! The hardware store is one of a kind! The Co-op is great. What can I say about Lilybeth’s? Great gift ideas and unusual items. My most recent find is the new Rutledge Pharmacy – I am transferring my prescriptions to Dr. Christian Ike as I need to renew them – how wonderful to have your pharmacist know you by name when you walk in; you definitely don’t feel like a number. I could spend a lot of time waxing rhapsodic over everything I have found in Rutledge; it’s like peeling back the layers of a sweet Vidalia onion – every time I visit I find something new to love. Then there is the music every Friday night – what a rare enjoyment! Thank you Rutledge, for preserving the precious small town aura.

We haven’t found a good fish place yet (we’re talking batter dipped or breaded cod or haddock and then deep-fried) like we enjoyed at the local bowling alley. We also miss our little mom and pop fried chicken restaurant (with the metal tables and chairs, linoleum floors and knotty pine walls) and our favorite Italian pizza shop (with New York cracker crust). Being new to the importance of barbecue in the South, we jumped right in and tried a lot of different kinds. Our favorite thus far is Big Kev’s BBQ now located in a cute little restaurant in Bostwick! And the general store in Good Hope has the very best Brunswick Stew in the entire state! We really love the Madison area – small town but close to everything you could want. We have found people to be friendly and willing to help. We are very contented and glad we chose Georgia. Traditional values seem to abound and that is very important to us. As I take a trip back to Indiana in the next few days to visit with family and grandchildren there, I will definitely have “Georgia on My Mind.”

Donna Myers and her husband, Dennis, moved to Georgia from Indiana last October. So far, they love it!

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