School board approves rollback millage rate

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By Kathryn Schiliro

Managing Editor

The Morgan County Board of Education (BOE), with little discussion, voted unanimously to approve both the fiscal year (FY) 2014 budget and the current year’s rollback millage rate of 18.213 at a called meeting Thursday, July 25.

The budget calls for expenditures of near $26.6 million, most of which goes to direct instruction, or teachers’ salaries, and revenues of more than $25.8 million, with an estimated more than $13.8 million coming from state sources and a projected more than $11.6 million coming from local property taxes.

The more than $700,000 difference between the proposed revenues and expenditures will be made up by the more than $1.1 million left in the system’s general fund at the conclusion of FY13.

The move to go to the rollback millage rate of 18.213 should levy more than $12.4 million in tax money, but that figure doesn’t include (1) the fact that some people won’t pay and (2) the costs associated with paying the county to collect the taxes.

The BOE hasn’t passed an increase in the millage rate since 2006, the system’s Director of Finance, Pam McWilliams, told the Citizen in an interview earlier this month.

At the meeting, the board also unanimously approved a personnel list that includes the following staffing changes:

Requests for release from contract from a science teacher at the middle school and a math teacher at the high school;

Resignations of a middle school science teacher, a middle school agriculture teacher and a high school paraprofessional;

Recommendations to hire a middle school science teacher, middle school agriculture teacher (pending certification) and a high school math teacher;

The transfer of a Special Education paraprofessional from the middle to the high school;

And a number of substitute bus drivers and driver trainees.

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