Second suspect is arrested in Bostwick beating incident

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David Gunner McCullough

David Gunner McCullough

By Patrick Yost


A second suspect has been arrested and charged in the brutal beating of a 70–year–old Bostwick man.

David Gunner McCullough, 19, Greensboro, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery and robbery in relation to the beating of Thomas Gary Etris. Etris was found in a pool of blood in the carport area of his Bostwick Highway residence on July 23.

According to Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley, McCullough was also charged with burglary in relation to a August 14, 2012 burglary at Etris’ residence. Markley said cash, a handgun and cigarettes were taken in that burglary.

Authorities for weeks had been searching for Kaleb “Jordan” Moss, 18, in relation to the beating that left Etris hospitalized with a broken eye socket. Moss was arrested last Tuesday, July 30 after a multi–day, multi–jurisdictional man hunt. Moss was located inside the Mt. Perry Baptist Church on Price Mill Road. For two days officers combed wooded areas near Price Mill, Rehoboth and High Shoals Road searching for Moss after he allegedly stole a truck and weapons in Barrow County and wrecked the truck in south Oconee County while fleeing from officers.

Moss was arrested without incident, Markley said. He also faces aggravated battery, robbery and several burglary charges.

Markley said investigators gained information from McCullough and Moss that led to McCullough’s charges. Initially, McCullough was not viewed as a suspect in the aggravated battery or robbery of Etris. “We got additional information that puts him involved with the crime,” Markley said.

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