String of thefts from cars plagues Madison

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By Patrick Yost


In two days five different vehicles were entered and items were stolen last week.

According to Madison Police Department reports, the thefts, which occurred on July 31 and August 1, had a recurring theme. None of the vehicles were locked.

“It’s imperative that citizens are proactive when it comes to protecting their property,” says Madison Police Chief Bill Ashburn. “When a person leaves their vehicles unlocked and unattended it allows a criminal simple access to valuable items.”

Three of the larceny reports were all filed at a residence at the 1300 block of Maxey’s Lane. In those thefts, reports state, the cars where entered between 12:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. A Sony Playstation 3, games , a pair of red “Beats” headphones, a digital camera, $315 in cash, two brown “Hobo” wallets, debit cards, a checkbook and two pair of Jordan tennis shoes were taken in the thefts.

A larceny from auto complaint was filed at the Morgan Memorial Hospital parking lot on July 31 were a man reported that someone had taken his wallet with $700 in cash, several debit cards and his driver’s license.

The same day a woman at Flash Foods reported that someone had taken her purse from her vehicle. The purse contained $150 in cash, driver’s license and several credit cards and a bank debit card.

Ashburn said investigators are searching for answers to the thefts and are reviewing available surveillance tape from the robberies. However, he said, the first line of defense to prevent similar robberies is to remove valuable items from vehicles and to secure the vehicles.

“A locked and secured vehicle removes the possibility of a quick theft,” Ashburn says. “We would remind citizens that while Madison remains a safe and secure place to live, they need to remain diligent when it comes to protecting their property.”

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