Writer speaks about “Government tax increases”

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To the Editor:

I went to my boss last week and told him I had to have more money. I have analyzed my budget and just can’t make any cuts. My boss told me he was having a hard time making ends meet and had made cuts to his budget just so I could keep my job. At that time I had no choice. At gunpoint, I TOOK his property and sold it for for pennies on the dollar so I could continue spending money on the things I wanted. My boss fired me and had me put in jail.

Can someone please give me a list of what my property tax dollars are used for other than sheriff, court, fire, Dumpster and roads.

A big thank you to the Morgan County Schools for cutting their budget.

Always remember citizens are the boss. Government works for us.

Government’s a joke and the citizens are slaves.

Alan McKay


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