Revival 2013

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs. Our Revival week was more than awesome. Prophet Frederick Earl Collins, from Birmingham, Ala., brought The Word each night and much more. Several ministers attended including Pastor Billingsley, Pastor Vincent Casey, Pastor Marshall Baugh, Pastor Hoke Smith, Pastor Aaron Carter, Pastor Ozzie Hansen, Pastor Head, Pastor James Bronner and Pastor and Evangelist Marks.

Monday’s message, “Bow Down,” came from the third chapter of Daniel, which tells of the image of gold made by King Nebuchadnezzar. He decreed that all were to bow down and worship the gold image however; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused and were cast into the fiery furnace.

The three Hebrew boys refused to bow down. They had a choice yield to the king or face the fire. They had faith in the Lord and didn’t give in to the enemy. Just as those men chose to abide in God we must do the same. When God is with you the devil can’t stop you. Just think. These boys were not burned and did not smell of smoke when they came out.

Tuesday night we shifted over to Job 3:1-26. It begins with, “After this opened Job his mouth and cursed his day.” Job had given up a lot. He was a giving person yet he didn’t like the fact that he was going through so much.

Prophet Collins told us that it was time that we stop cursing our blessings. Faith turns our lives around but we curse our blessings before we let them work for us. Instead of cursing the blessings, we need to thank God for all that He does for us. In addition, we need to be careful of what we speak. What we put out is what will come back to us.

For Wednesday’s journey Prophet Collins examined Psalm 133. “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” It is vitally important for us to learn to get together in the midst of ourselves. We draw people to us with loving kindness. I must say that The Springs family exemplifies this to the highest level.

Now I know that I can’t speak for everyone in attendance on Wednesday night, but the prophecies that went forth that evening were very powerful. To be able to witness and be apart of that type of experience is life-changing.

By the time Thursday arrived we were all ready for more. The message for that evening came from 2 Corinthians 6:1-10. Prophet started with saying that believers are exalted to be different from unbelievers. Also it is especially important for us to be careful in how we treat ministers.

Ministers have a good deal to put up with and we can’t blame them for our bad choices. Those that labor among us need to be honored and not shamed. When trouble comes the minister is the first person we call expecting him to come through for us even if we have no relationship with the church. It is important to understand what preachers have to go through and we need not to put the church into our messes.

The final message for revival week was based on Acts 12:7 where Peter was released from his chains in prison. Prophet Collins took the message further by stating that God is the anchor that holds us. In life we are tossed and driven, but God is our anchor. He will keep us through the storm and rain because He cares for us.

Every night there was fellowship after service in the typical Springs fashion. Regardless of the hour when we assemble in the house of the Lord we just can’t turn it loose! The Spirit of the Lord indeed rests here. May the spirit of revival continue to move in this place!

Homecoming/Family and Friends Day was celebrated Sunday. Many of the original USBC families were represented in the congregation including the Brown, Goss, Hill, Hubbard, Lett, Maddox and Randall families. Reflections of the Union Springs past were given by Deacon Leonard Goss, Deacon Richard Hubbard Sr., and Mother Rebecca Hubbard.

Pastor Terrell’s sermon on Sunday was based on Hosea 1:2 and Hosea 3: 1-2. Basically the Lord told the prophet to marry a whore. Hosea had even wanted to give up preaching but God told him to go and marry someone who was not living right. Love says buy her back.

As we remember that everything in the Bible leads to Christ, this message is no different. All through the Word the church is portrayed as a woman. We are considered the bride of the church. Hosea’s wife Gomer represents the church and Hosea represents Christ. The key point here is that Hosea’s name means salvation. Jesus looked back and saw that the life we were living was not righteous. Love says buy them back.

This is a shadow and type of how Jesus loves us. God represents unconditional love. Even though we are not living right Christ says he will buy us back. Even when He looked into that bitter cup and saw rapists, murderers, liars, drunks, womanizers, pimps and the like Jesus looked at God and God said buy them back. “Nevertheless not My will but Thy will be done.

Rev. Terrell said that no matter what we have done in life we can be saved. Jesus was on the cross and pierced in the side and water and blood came out. The water was enough to wash us clean. The blood that came out was pleaded over our lives. That unconditional love, no matter what the circumstances are, is what God is hearing as Jesus pleads our case. Love says take them back! Glory Be To God!

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