“Time waits for no one”

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice

Hey, did I understand the weatherman to say more showers all this week? We need a little and thankful for every drop, but we don’t need any floods. Neighbors throughout Georgia have had terrible floods. Pray we don’t get that much.

The summer days have been beautiful and here we are, almost the half of August is gone. Time waits for no one.

We thank the visitors that came on Sunday and hope you received a blessing. Church attendance was good, but still so many are seriously sick and we do miss those.

After opening singing from the choir and specials, Butch preached to us from Acts 2, the subject:  “What Meaneth This?” He talked about gifts, the spiritual ones, and Pentecost. Good message.

Sunday night his scripture was taken from Genesis 5:24.

The beautiful flowers were placed in memory of Mary Creek – three years she’s been gone – by her sister, Eleanor Johnson. I love the beauty of cut flowers and this bouquet was very pleasing to the eyes. Mary, we do miss you.

Reminder to the ladies for our upcoming Ladies Meeting. Remember to bring chapsticks and baby wipes for our Military Project.

Gayle and Susanne came down and had lunch on Sunday. I cooked a birthday dinner for Susanne and me. A little late, but we enjoyed it.

So many of our friends and loved members are sick. Please remember Millie Henson, Marion Beacham, O.L. Jordan, Charles Johnson, Jessie and Lou Comans, Patsy Greene, Mike, Cliff and Betty Walker as well as our whole church family, some very ill here. Maybe more that I’m unaware of but our Lord knows each and every one. And God bless our Military and our Great Country.

We are looking into hopefully having our gospel singing in September with the New Apostles. I’m working on this now and hope to get a booking date by next week.

I need to make a correction. Last week I said that Lorene Jordan was a former member at Sugar Creek. I do apologize to the family. She still was a member, and again, my heart is with this family. Losing a mother hurts so much.

This Thursday night at Nicholson Amphitheater, Morris and Greg Stancil will be in concert with Clarke. Hate to miss this one.

Thursday night the Sugar Creek Choir has the honor of singing at Cornish Mountain Baptist Church in Oxford at 7 p.m. We are excited about this, for such a few, the voices blended are good.

Happy anniversary to Tonya and Richard Ferguson on the 18th. Happy birthday to Russ Johnson the 18th, Cole Walker on the 20th, and Rusty Johnson and Chris Bell, the 22nd. Special blessings to Joan Ekstrom on the 16th and very special birthdays for our three grandsons, Trae Holmes, Curtis and Chuck Arwood on the 19th. And should I mention that I will have these three here with me this coming weekend and I am one excited old Grandmama, and I think they might be a little excited also. So watch out for me! AND SEND YOUR EXTRA FOOD!

“For me, the Bible isn’t a book of rules; it’s a voyage of self-discovery.”

So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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