Arrest in fraudulent check scam at Walmart: “Massive theft ring” brought in about $300,000; all checks totaled $498.80

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Latiffany Taylor

Latiffany Taylor

By Patrick Yost, Editor

Madison Police Officer Corp. Phillip Malcom arrested a College Park woman that, reports state, may be involved in a massive theft ring concentrating on fraudulent checks cashed at Walmart.

According to reports, Latiffany Taylor, 25, was arrested by Malcom soon after she allegedly attempted to cash a fraudulent $498.80 check. The check, Malcom reported, was a payroll check ostensibly from a Nashville, Tenn., medical supply company.

After Taylor was apprehended attempting to leave the store by Officer Elliot Kline, Malcom notified an officer with Walmart Global Security and was told that the routing number on the check as well as the account number on the check had been used in a wide-ranging scam that had successfully cashed approximately $300,000 in fraudulent checks.

The fraudulent checks, the security officer told Malcom, were all in the amount of $498.80.

Reports state that Walmart’s security office notified the store after Taylor allegedly attempted to cash a fraudulent check.

When that failed, she attempted to cash a second check using a different Social Security number. Malcom reported that following Taylor’s arrest, officers located the fraudulent check and a slip of paper with an eight-digit Social Security number.

Walmart security also told Malcom that two hours earlier, a woman matching Taylor’s description also attempted to cash two fraudulent checks at its Covington location, but failed and fled the store before being apprehended.

Security cameras at the store, reports state, showed that Taylor had arrived at the store in a full-bodied, gray pick-up truck. The cameras also showed that the truck left the store parking lot as soon as Officer Kline approached Taylor.

Carl Jones, Madison Police Department assistant police chief, said officers are continuing to investigate the fraud attempt and currently believe that Taylor was a minor player in the scam. “She is a small part of what we believe is a larger operation,” he said.

Taylor was charged with first degree forgery.

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