Enrollment hovering around 3,200

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By Kathryn Schiliro, Managing Editor

The Morgan County School System kicked off the new school year Thursday, Aug. 8 with more than 3,200 students in the system.

However, that number is in a daily state of flux – a “moving target,” Assistant Superintendent Sarah Burbach said – as many students will come to and leave the system in the next few weeks. Burbach told the school board at their meeting Monday night that Labor Day is a good point to begin getting an accurate count as systems statewide start at varying times and, nationally, many schools, especially in the North, don’t start until after Labor Day.

There are more than 780 students currently at the primary school, more than 720 students at the elementary school, 760-plus at the middle school, respective principals reported to the board, and near 1,000 at the high school. Further, there are 20 out-of-county students at the high school, some the children of system employees and some paying tuition to attend MCHS.

There are, as of Monday, 131 “no-show” students – those registered but not yet present – in the school system.

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